Buying A Wooden Computer Desk – Tips and Recommendation

April 19, 2011 at 1:01 pm

If you are considering purchasing a new computer desk, I don’t think that you can really go wrong with the wooden variety. They tend to add a touch of class to almost any home office and I often find that the clash between the complex technology of a computer and the traditional simplicity of wood generally leads to a very stylish overall effect.

The price of a wooden computer desk varies as much as with any type of desk and generally the more you spend the better the workmanship, aesthetics and basic functionality. However assuming that just spending more will get the right wooden computer desk for you is inaccurate. There are a few key aspects to your decision as I will now outline.

Wooden Computer Desk Buying A Wooden Computer Desk   Tips and Recommendation


Though the primary motive for the purchase of a computer desk is simply to provide a structure through which you can easily use your computer, the aesthetics of your chosen desk is likely to greatly affect the look and feel of the room in which it is placed. Choose both the finish and colour carefully and ensure that said aspects match the existing colour scheme of the room that you wish to place the desk. Also remember that computer desks come in a variety of styles and just because a particular style looks great in the brochure that does not mean that it will suit your individual room. Choose a modern styled wooden computer desk only for a modern office and vice versa.


Before purchasing your wooden computer desk, consider exactly what it is that you will be using it for. Computer desks are often designed with specific features for specific purposes and you need to choose one that has the features for what you do the most often. For example if you primarily use a laptop, you do not need a second level for the screen and you not need shelf for the keyboard. Or if you often find yourself using your computer for college work, choose a computer desk that leaves enough space at the side for multiple books to be left open. The variety of computer desks on the market is impressive but you still need to consider which one will suit your needs the most.

Dimensions and Assembly

Starting with dimensions, you would be amazed at how many people get this aspect of the decision wrong. It is vital that you take precise measurements of the place that you intend on putting the desk. Testament to how common a mistake this is can be seen in the fact that all shops selling such furniture include exact measurements in their catalogues. Before purchasing anything always ensure that it will fit in the place that you want to put it. When it comes to assembly, my first piece of advice is that if you can purchase it preassembled then definitely do so. When it comes to computer desks this is rarely possible however therefore my second piece of advice is to simply take your time. Considering how many hours you are likely to spend sitting at it, taking the time to set it up correctly is a worth while investment. That is unless you like sitting at a crooked desk.

Perfect Choices

If you are looking for some inspiration on the various types of wooden computer desks that you can purchase, here are two of my favorite desks that can currently be purchased from Amazon.

Wooden Computer Desk 1 Buying A Wooden Computer Desk   Tips and Recommendation

Legare 36-Inch Student Desk with Hutch, Red and Black

This desk is particularly useful for those that would like to add a bit of order to their office. It is perfect for a desktop computer together with any and all accessories and documents. The multiple colours and unique design also make it a perfect example of how a wooden computer desk can not just be functional but easily add to the overall mood of a room.

Winsome Wood Liso Writing Desk w/Drawer

While my last choice was about order and functionality, this desk is for those who want to keep it simple. Whether you are a laptop or a desktop user, this desk can easily enable you to work comfortably. However when you are not working, it can be kept clear and is therefore the perfect choice for a room in which you both work and relax.

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