How to Build a Fish Tank

November 25, 2008 at 7:39 am

A fish tank is a good attraction in your home. A variety of colorful fishes can make it an instant hit with guests and children. Let us see how to build a fish tank. Cut the glass sheets to the desired sizes. Use a clean and smooth surface to work, so that you the glass sheets don’t get any scratches or stains. Start with the bottom glass piece. Keep in facing down. Take several lengths of duct tape and attaché it to the outer surface with enough width hanging over the edge to attach to the other glass pieces. Now turn the bottom piece and lay the front glass piece on the tape in line of the glass to form a rectangular box. Clean the area to be joined with acetone and paper towels. Fill the area between the two glass pieces with a non-toxic sealant. Now raise the front [...]

How to Build a Windmill

November 12, 2008 at 6:38 am

A windmill is a device, which uses the power of wind to rotate its blades to produce electricity or simply to pump water. This alternative form of power production is very cheap as it uses an already existing natural power source, the wind. The windmill is categorized into different types depending on its functions and output; it could either high tech or a simple one. Let us look into how we can make a simple windmill. The windmill is made up different components, namely the base, the tower, the blades and the nacelle, which is a gearbox, used in the movement of the blades. First the base, the base should be the strongest part of the structure because it will be the part that will support the entire weight of the windmill, offering it stability and form. The base should be largest in width and also quite heavy and should [...]

How to Build a Club House

November 11, 2008 at 10:06 am

There are many types of fun activities for young children. Building a clubhouse is one of them. This is one activity that the children all over the world enjoy to indulge in. A clubhouse is a retreat, a special hideaway for the little ones where they can involve themselves in creative types of play, building teamwork and concentration. In fact the process of building a clubhouse in itself is a creatively enriching one for them. How do we build a clubhouse? The first thing is to have a plan. We should have a visual image of the clubhouse we intend to build first including its size and measurements. Once the design is ready in our mind, it is better to bring those designs into a hard form or a hard copy by making blueprints or sketches of the proposed clubhouse. Once the basic plan is ready we can start the [...]

A Home Improvement Guide for Unsightly Bathrooms

October 28, 2008 at 12:07 am

Have you had the thought of remodeling your bathroom because it is outdated, looks old or simply because you want a change in your home? Well, if you have, then you may find it interesting that it will not only improve the looks of your house, but it can also be beneficial from an economic point of view. Remodeling a bathroom adds value to your home, but only if you keep the remodeling fees reasonable. In 2005, a mid-range bathroom remodel was around 10,000, however it usually added about 22,000 to the value to your home. This Home Improvement Guide will help you understand some of the basic upgrades to your bathroom. There are several features or new things you can add or change in your bathroom, but some of the most favorite upgrades to a bathroom are larger tubs and multi-headed showers. Skylights are also popular. Soft lighting is [...]