How to Build a Club House

November 11, 2008 at 10:06 am

There are many types of fun activities for young children. Building a clubhouse is one of them. This is one activity that the children all over the world enjoy to indulge in. A clubhouse is a retreat, a special hideaway for the little ones where they can involve themselves in creative types of play, building teamwork and concentration.

In fact the process of building a clubhouse in itself is a creatively enriching one for them. How do we build a clubhouse? The first thing is to have a plan. We should have a visual image of the clubhouse we intend to build first including its size and measurements. Once the design is ready in our mind, it is better to bring those designs into a hard form or a hard copy by making blueprints or sketches of the proposed clubhouse. Once the basic plan is ready we can start the actual process of building the clubhouse.

Club House How to Build a Club House

Let us start by getting the basic raw materials needed. The things to be used in making a clubhouse may vary according the design of the clubhouse and the budget. But let’s start of by building a simple clubhouse by using plywood, paint and nails. You would also need a saw to cut the plywood, a hammer to pound the nails at the joints and a paintbrush to color your little dream house. Let’s start by building a 20 * 20 feet clubhouse. The four things you have to look at first are the sidewalls, the front entrance, the windows and the ceiling. To make the proposed clubhouse with the above measurements start of by first deciding on the height of the doorway or entrance. Since the clubhouse is essentially a children playhouse a height of six feet to seven feet will suffice.

So make four planks of plywood cut or joined, measuring twenty feet each. Join the three planks that make up the sides and back first. The front side plywood can be joined after cutting the entrance measuring 7feet height and 4 feet width. After attaching the front side, the only thing remaining is the ceiling. The ceiling is usually measured by multiplying the size of the floor line, for example if the floor line is 5ft then the ceiling should be 5 * 5 which equals to 25 feet. So cut another ply to measure 25sq.ft and place it on top of the four walls by either screwing or nailing it in. Now we have a clubhouse ready. You can either paint the house or leave it as it is for a rugged finish.

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