How to Build a Sofa

December 6, 2008 at 12:47 am

No living room is complete without the very old sofa. Comfortable, stylish and extremely useful, ever wonder how you can build one yourself. Well, let’s see how to build a sofa?

First the design. Depending upon your requirement and the space available, make a simple drawing. Decide on the color and fabric, you want to use.

Build Sofa How to Build a Sofa

Start with the frame. Create a rectangular shape for the seat. Fix it in the frame with nails and screws. You can also insert triangle supports in the corners for additional security. Now fix the back piece in the similar manner. Cut the arms as designed and fix them into the frame with thick bolt screws.

Once the skeleton is ready, you can start with the foam and upholstery fabric. Before this you need to put the springs in place. Attach the springs to the back and the seat with the clips and screws. Fix the springs with a piece of yarn or string. This will prevent the springs from rotating. Use a staple gun to cover the springs with the cambric fabric.

Now we have only the legs exposed. Cover them with stain and let them dry. Once the stain is dry, apply clear sailing coat and let dry again.

Your sofa is almost ready. Use the fabric to cover the arms, back seat and front panel. Be careful with the fabric to avoid wrinkles and give a smooth finish.

Make cushions with a large piece of foam. Make a cushion cover from the same fabric with a zipper on the back portion and fill the foam piece into it – your cushion is ready! You can have more than one cushion to suit your need. You may also want to consider an upholstery services professional to give your sofa a better look.

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