How to Build a Storage Space Under Stairs

February 2, 2010 at 4:48 am

If you are Harry Potter then I can understand why you hate the idea of building a storage space under stairs otherwise its quite a good space to utilise after all no point in wasting space that can be put to use this easily. In this article we will discuss the various ways by which that little, wasted space under your stairs can be converted into something useful, though not a bedroom in any case. First of all before we go any further please make sure to read your country rules regarding home construction and re-modeling, not all countries allows the utilization of space under the stairs, you will be surprised to know that some countries do not approve this.

  • The first step is to clean up the underside of the stairs, it can be dirty and possibly be infested by insects the most common of which are spiders. Once you have cleaned it up you will have a rough idea of how big is the space under your stairs. Not all stairs are similar; some can be too straight which will result in a very small space, too vertical perhaps, under the stairs. Some stairs are spiral which will not allow such construction possible. Though on an average, I have seen most stairs can yield a small 6 to 8 feet of space on sides and ceiling. If you have anything around that much of space, it’s probably good to go.
Storage Space Under Stairs How to Build a Storage Space Under Stairs
  • I personally like the idea of making a store room in that space, though properly managed and good in looks. To do that you will need to cover the space with wood ply, once you have done that, it should look like a cabinet with many open racks. This can only be a good idea if you don’t have insect or pets. Otherwise you will have to opt for drawers which will require a little more carpentry work.
  • The space can also be used for creating a small play room for your kids. In that case I will suggest you to keep the space open and clean. No need to put un-necessary obstacles like doors or walls. All you would need is a good cushion for the floor and it’s done. Good to keep a lot of toys and if possible, make a small rack where your kids can keep their toys once they have finished playing.
  • Study Room – For making it a study room, all you would need is a small cabinet for keeping books and a small desk for your computer. Before you put this plan into action, I must tell you that the under stair room is a bit noisy, especially if you have too many people going up and down by your stairs. So think that side before you act on this idea. Usually, if no one is using your stairs, then the under the stair room is very quiet and helps in concentrating a lot. Such a condition can be utilized by reading books or using your computer as both activities requires quiet atmospheres.
Storage Space Under Stairs 1 How to Build a Storage Space Under Stairs
  • For making it a reading room, all you need is a small bed and a cabinet where you can keep your book collection. Under stair space can also be damp; if the stair is made of concrete chances of it being damp can increase a bit. This condition would never be ideal for keeping books or even a computer. So think on these points before you make your stairs a reading room.

All in all, utilizing a wasted space is always a good idea and the underside of the stairs is the most unused space of a regular house. Don’t forget to subscribe in our feeds so that we can keep you updated with similar home improvement tips.

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