How to Build a Windmill

November 12, 2008 at 6:38 am

A windmill is a device, which uses the power of wind to rotate its blades to produce electricity or simply to pump water. This alternative form of power production is very cheap as it uses an already existing natural power source, the wind.

The windmill is categorized into different types depending on its functions and output; it could either high tech or a simple one. Let us look into how we can make a simple windmill.

Windmill How to Build a Windmill

The windmill is made up different components, namely the base, the tower, the blades and the nacelle, which is a gearbox, used in the movement of the blades. First the base, the base should be the strongest part of the structure because it will be the part that will support the entire weight of the windmill, offering it stability and form. The base should be largest in width and also quite heavy and should be rooted to the ground perfectly without any swaying or tilting to any side.

For our purpose we shall have a concrete base of thirty-six square inches and weight of forty pounds to support our ten feet high windmill. The tower measuring 4 feet * 8 feet can be erected on this base and is of a lighter but stronger material, like a PVC pipe or aluminum. Now come the blades, the size of the blades can be anywhere between five to eight feet in length for a ten feet model windmill. The materials used in the making of the blades are very light wood or similar materials and should be aerodynamically designed to capture the full power of the wind. The last part is the nacelle, which is a gearbox, but for this model we can connect a simple shaft between the blades and the tower and this will be sufficient enough to harness the wind energy on a mini scale. Now we have a fully functional, simple, easy to make but efficient windmill in our hands.

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