How to Make a Wooden Bucket for Indoor Plant Storage

September 7, 2011 at 3:28 pm

If you want to spice up your house without spending a cent, the easiest way to do so is by decorating it with indoor plants. Putting in greens is one way to add life and vitality to your living space. But one problem can be where to put them. Good plant boxes can be hard to find. The solution? Why not make your own wooden bucket and use it as plant storage.

Here are 6 steps to make a wooden bucket to store indoor plants.

Step 1: Get all the materials needed in your project and arrange them on your work table. You will need 12 pieces of cedar board at 1x2x10, ½ inch drill bit, table saw, wood glue, ratchet straps, drill, 2 pcs copperbands at ½ x 38, damp rag, copper nails, cedar board measured at 3/4x12x12, hammer, jigsaw, pencil and a rope.

wooden bucket How to Make a Wooden Bucket for Indoor Plant Storage

Step 2: On both sides of your 1x2x10” cedar boards make a 15 degree cut with the use of your table saw. These are going to be used to make up your bucket sides. Cedar boards are a good choice because as time passes, cedar takes on a nice silver shade. Cut carefully at 15 degrees so that the boards will be able to come together to form a circular shape.

Step 3: If you want your bucket to have handles, drill in two holes on one end of the boards. Otherwise, if you prefer just a bucket then you can omit this step.

Step 4: Gather the 12 cedar boards and place them together. If they were smoothly cut they’ll come together nicely. Place the 2 cedar boards with holes at opposite ends. Lather on wood glue on each end where the boards come together. Use the ratchet lamps to hold the bucket sides together. Wipe off excess glue with a damp cloth. Let the glue dry.

Step 5: From the apex and base, measure about 3 inches from the bucket’s base. Place a mark on the circumference using a pencil. Following the marked area, bind the length with a copper band. Using copper bands will provide a rustic look to your home. Nail them in place with the use of a hammer. Each nail should have around 2 inches of space between them.

Step 6: Use the ¾ x12x12 inch cedar board to make up the bucket floor. Cut it and then hammer it in place. You can add the rope in by threading it into the holes found across each other. Apply your varnish of choice.

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