How to Repair a Fence – A Step by Step Guide

May 15, 2009 at 8:54 am

The steps of how to repair a fence are fairly simple if you follow a step by step guide. A lot of these steps depend on whether it is a newer or older fence. In some cases with older fences entire sections may need to be replaced if some fence posts and regular fencing has rotted.

First check the condition of your fence posts. If frost heaving and gravity have taken its toll over time on your fence posts it may be necessary to replace several of your main fence posts firsts before you can move on to the rest of your fence repairing project. If your fence posts are just tilting the simple way to repair them is to straighten your fence by digging dirt away from the posts. After this is done you will be able to straighten the posts immediately.

Repair Fence How to Repair a Fence   A Step by Step Guide

If any of your fence posts are actually rotted instead of just sagging you will need to take the steps necessary in order to completely replace them. You can tell if your posts are rotted by digging out the dirt from around the posts and then probing the posts with a screwdriver. If your posts are soft it is time to replace them.

Remove rotted posts by bracing the posts to keep it in position while you remove it. Then disconnect the railing and siding from the rotted posts. After this step is completed proceed by digging out the entire rotted posts along with any concrete that had been holding it in place. You will then need to prepare the new posts hole by lining it with gravel and preparing a concrete mixture if use of concrete is desired. After this is done install your replacement posts and make sure it is level on the two adjoining sides before you proceed. Once you are sure it is level fill in the posts holes by utilizing the gravel and if applicable the prepared cement. If concrete was used in the holes allow the concrete to dry completely, attach your railings and then the siding.

After repairing your fence posts it is then important to check the condition of your gate If your gate is sagging it will be necessary to purchase some eye screws from your local hardware store. After you have your eye screws readily available install them on the highest point on the gate frame. You will then need to have a turnbuckle handy in orer to install it between the two eyes you installed previously. Tighten the turnbuckle until the gate frame is square.

Once you have repaired your fence it is important to protect it from further damage due to various reasons including pests and natural elements in the environment. There are products such as fence staining and sealants that can help protect your fence for many years. The utilization of these products can also reduce future time investments in completing additional repairs as well as minimizing maintenance costs throughout the years.

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