How to Repair Carpet

April 21, 2009 at 12:39 am

When someone drops a cigarette or a few drops of wine on your carpet accidentally, you may be at a loss thinking how to repair your carpet. Even the ugly marks made by your puppy on the carpet can give you a big headache.

However, you don’t need to fret and fume as you can repair your damaged carpet or do some patch work to take it back to its original look.

Repair Carpet How to Repair Carpet

To fix minor damage, you can give a trim to the carpet pile. You may merely cut off the spoiled ends of the carpet using manicure scissors. However, ensure not to chop off a large part of the carpet. Getting the damaged fibers trimmed till the backside of the carpet is another way of repairing it. The use of replacement fibers is the preferred way of fixing damaged carpets among many users. You can get these replacement fibers from the areas that are not easily visible (like parts of the carpet that lie beneath a closet or below a furniture of big size). You may even use a remnant to spare from the new installation as your replacement fiber. Before you fix the replacement fibers to the carpet backing, put a little bit of clear adhesive to the bottom of these fibers. Fix the fibers carefully or you will make the surrounding carpet fibers messy with glue.

To repair stains of a larger size or more severe damage, you will need to use a replacement piece. According to experts, triangular and circular shapes of replacement pieces are less prone to being noticed by the eye as compared to rectangular and square shapes. You can use your utility knife to cut the desired shape of the replacement piece and fasten it to the damaged area afterwards using good quality adhesive and two-sided carpet tape. So, instead of bidding adieu to your damaged carpet, fix it using the steps listed above.

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