How to Repair Foundation

April 18, 2009 at 11:34 am

If you own a home, it could be a major headache to deal with foundation damage. A faulty foundation will not only destroy the value of your home but may even make it unsafe to live in. Perhaps you are now wondering how to repair foundation. Read the steps listed below to know more about how to repair foundation:

Step 1

Hire a structural engineer to find out the cause of your foundation problem. This person having professional expertise will be able to offer you one or multiple repair solutions.

Step 2

Under the place where the foundation has got damaged, dig a hole into the ground. You can locate the damaged section by looking for a section of the foundation that has sunk.

Repair Foundation How to Repair Foundation

Step 3

It is best to employ a cable of about 200,000 p.s.i. strength and run it down till the base of the hole.

Step 4

Put pilings or concrete blocks around the cable till the base. Most of the foundation repair jobs utilize almost seven concrete pilings.

Step 5

At the summit of the pilings placed in the step before, set a concrete cap whose level should be such that it is able to offer support to the hydraulic jacks (which will be used in successive steps).

Step 6

Install the hydraulic jacks on the concrete cap’s summit. Work the jacks to lift the sunken segment of the foundation to its correct level.

Step 7

Put concrete cylinders to replace the hydraulic jacks. These cylinders will hold up the foundation.

Step 8

Use soil to fill in the open areas and seal the spot.

Follow the aforesaid steps to repair your foundation damage. Remember to take corrective steps as soon as you notice some warning signs in your foundation like large openings in the door frames, doors or windows that stick, cracks in interior walls or mortar, crumpling of the wallpaper etc. If you pay no heed to these signs of foundation damage, you may end up paying a heavy price.

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