Recrafting My Patio into an Artistic Den

June 19, 2011 at 5:42 pm

Decorating the outdoor area of your home can often be the toughest part. Once you’ve gotten all of the couches and televisions into your house, when you step outside onto your porch or patio, it can seem bland. I ran into the same problem when I moved into my home a few months ago and it was just uncomfortable to sit outside on deck chairs without any decoration or outdoor wall art to brighten the place up a bit.

At first, I wasn’t quite sure what the outdoor space needed. I don’t have much of an eye for art, so trying to figure out the best way to decorate was a little tough. Luckily, I managed to find some neutral pieces that seemed to flow well with my indoor furniture, as well as the table and chairs set my wife and I purchased for outside. Now, we have one piece of art hanging above our grill to make it seem like we’re tasteful grillers, and one on an opposing wall to help bring the room together.

Den Patio Recrafting My Patio into an Artistic Den

What to Shop For With Outdoor Wall Art

1. Keep it neutral. Neutral colors and patterns will help your wall art blend with your furniture.

2. Aluminum is a good choice because it won’t rust in the outdoor elements.

3. Big pieces are good. Instead of trying to fill the space with clutter and lots of small art pieces, try and go big. Big pieces attract more attention and are easier to maintain.

4. Buy directly from the artist whenever you can. Buying art from a factory just seems wrong and buying from an artist helps them continue creating.

The Dilemma

“No….I think we’re actually going to head over to Dave’s instead. Sorry” was the response I got when I called my friend to see if he wanted to come over and have a cup of coffee on the porch a few weeks ago. At first, it didn’t seem like an issue, but when I started to think about it, he had never bailed on me when I invited him over to sit outside with me for a while in the evening. It may seem a little farfetched, but I suspected that part of the reason was that my patio was as dull as an Arizona rock. In my old place I had a few paintings and decorations out on the porch that really made it into a friendly environment and there wasn’t a day that went by without myself or someone else stepping foot outside just to enjoy the view. Now, not even I want to go out there for fear of dullness.

I didn’t think my old college artwork was what kept the guys coming back for more, but it may have had something to do with it. With my wife by my side, we set out looking for some outdoor wall art that we thought may help accentuate the walls and bring some color to the outdoor space so that when we invited guests over they’d rather sit outside and enjoy the weather rather than the crevices of my couch and football.


Let me preface this by reiterating that I really don’t know much about art. I took an art history class in college but slept through the majority of the lessons to barely make my way through and pass. Art either looks good to me or doesn’t. No analysis is necessary. So, when I was shopping for some outdoor wall art for my own patio, I didn’t want to think too much about whether or not the frame matched the exterior paint trim or anything ridiculous like that. I wanted art. I wanted color. And I wanted my friends to come back over so that I didn’t seem like I’d left my outdoor beer drinking enjoyment fly out the window when I got married.

The Tree of Life Metal Wall Sculpture: The first piece I stumbled across online was a metal sculpture in the shape of a tree. Appparently, it’s the tree of life. Like I said before, I didn’t really want to know too much about it, just to buy it if it looked cool. My wife insisted I understand that it’s about 2 feet in width and is made entirely of black steel. I was surprised to find out that it was made entirely in the USA, which was really nice considering the price I paid. Needless to say, I ended up getting it because I really thought that it added a zen like quality to the outdoor space.


  • Flat sculpture made from black steel
  • Naturally black finish
  • 2’ in diameter
  • Made in the USA

Ash Carl – Contemporary Metal Wall Art: Can I just take a minute to say that I had no idea what the hell this thing was when I came across it, but I knew I wanted it. This pieces comes in 8 different sections that measure 9 inches across each, 24 inches high, and 2 inches deep. The basic premise is that the artist handsanded each of the metal pieces into different artistic visions, and when put side by side they create an entire piece. It was a little pricey, but the psychedelic features of the polished aluminum were just too cool to pass up. Needless to say, when this thing arrived I erected it just as it was in the promotional photos and put it on the biggest wall I could find outside.

Furnished Den Patio Recrafting My Patio into an Artistic Den


  • Crafted in the USA
  • 80” Wide, 24” Tall, 2” Deep
  • Easy installation
  • Signed and dated by the artist

It’s been about a week since I turned my outdoor living space into a full on art gallery with the two beautiful pieces I found above. Because they were both steel and aluminum, I didn’t have to worry about them rusting while being outside all of the time. With the massive second piece erected on my porch wall, I get a few funny looks from neighbors that I didn’t get before. I’m not sure if they think it’s coffee we’re drinking outside on the porch or if we’re blasting off into another dimension. My friends have finally decided to come back and enjoy the outdoors with me, if not for the wall art, for the strange looks the neighbors give to my wife and I as we relax on our porch every evening.

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