A Home Improvement Guide for Unsightly Bathrooms

October 28, 2008 at 12:07 am

Have you had the thought of remodeling your bathroom because it is outdated, looks old or simply because you want a change in your home?Well, if you have, then you may find it interesting that it will not only improve the looks of your house, but it can also be beneficial from an economic point of view. Remodeling a bathroom adds value to your home, but only if you keep the remodeling fees reasonable. In 2005, a mid-range bathroom remodel was around 10,000, however it usually added about 22,000 to the value to your home. This Home Improvement Guide will help you understand some of the basic upgrades to your bathroom. There are several features or new things you can add or change in your bathroom, but some of the most favorite upgrades to a bathroom are larger tubs and multi-headed showers. Skylights are also popular. Soft lighting is often [...]