5 Ways to Beef up Home Security

February 28, 2011 at 7:09 pm

Home burglary is a big problem and while it’s not possible to completely secure a home, some simple tips can make it less attractive to non-professional thieves. Locks – Always lock all doors and windows when leaving the home, even if it’s just for a quick trip to the store. The majority of burglars and thieves are able to simply walk in because a home owner thought being gone for 15 minutes was safe. Make sure new locks are installed when moving into a new house. This is also a good idea when someone, such as a roommate, moves out or anytime when there is uncertainty about how many people may have keys. Spare keys should be placed in a secure container and buried in an area known only to the home owner. If keys get stolen or lost, always change the locks right away. Peace of mind is worth [...]