How to Build a Hot Tub

December 3, 2008 at 10:16 pm

Hot tubs have given pampering a whole new meaning. They have become important in our day-to-day life with the spa culture gaining popularity across all sections of people. So why don’t we look at how to build a hot tub? Choose the location for your hot tub carefully so that you get complete privacy and do not attract many curious eyes. For the base, dig a hole in the ground. The measurements will depend on your choice of design. The dimensions will require an added two widths of thermalite blocks (100mm) on both the width and length. Lay a plastic membrane in it and fill it with 150mm of concrete. Let the concrete set for a day and then build the outer walls. The main outer walls consisted of four layers of thermalite blocks followed by one layer of regular bricks. The inner walls were two layers of thermalite blocks, [...]