How to Repair Plaster

April 20, 2009 at 8:53 am

Unless you know how to repair plaster properly, the act may seem quite daunting, especially when the crack that you have repaired resurfaces within a year. If you have been through a similar situation, follow the steps below to repair plaster that lasts: To repair small holes in your plaster, apply some spackling compound using a putty knife and let the first coat dry. Apply another coat if you find that the initial coat has shrunk and caused a minor indentation. Next, employ a fine sandpaper to sand the area and touch it up using primer and paint. To repair loose plaster, remove the chunks that are loose and patch the holes thus created. Use screws, plaster washers, driver and a drill to reattach bigger sections of plaster that have the space of a few inches (almost 7 cm) between them. For loose areas that are bigger, you will need [...]

How to Repair Rust

April 19, 2009 at 1:11 am

If your steel tools, sidewalk, basement floor, driveway or car is attacked by rust, you will need to repair that rust damage. If you are wondering how to repair rust, the following steps may be of help: To remove rust from steel tools, use a piece of slightly abrasive cloth to remove any rust or dirt from the surface of the tool. Next, fill a plastic bucket with rust remover solution of good quality and immerse the steel tool in it. The use of a plastic bucket is advisable, as most rust removers don’t react with plastic. Read the directions on the label of the rust remover solution and keep the tool immersed for the time period that’s mentioned on it. 30 minutes to an hour would be enough to remove normal rust from the surface of the steel tool. However, the temperature may also play a role as the [...]

How to Repair Foundation

April 18, 2009 at 11:34 am

If you own a home, it could be a major headache to deal with foundation damage. A faulty foundation will not only destroy the value of your home but may even make it unsafe to live in. Perhaps you are now wondering how to repair foundation. Read the steps listed below to know more about how to repair foundation: Step 1 Hire a structural engineer to find out the cause of your foundation problem. This person having professional expertise will be able to offer you one or multiple repair solutions. Step 2 Under the place where the foundation has got damaged, dig a hole into the ground. You can locate the damaged section by looking for a section of the foundation that has sunk. Step 3 It is best to employ a cable of about 200,000 p.s.i. strength and run it down till the base of the hole. Step 4 [...]

How to Build a Generator

November 28, 2008 at 8:46 am

A generator is a machine, which produces electricity. Today, we have a wide variety of generators at our disposal. Coming in different types and capacities, they all work in the same manner. Lets see here how to build a generator. You will require: four magnets measuring 1 cm by 2 cm by 5 cm, a miniature lamp, 200 feet of magnetic wire, a long nail, a bulb of 1.5 volts and a strip of cardboard or Plexiglas or wood for the box. To start with make a box out of the cardboard. You can also use Plexiglas or wood. Mark the different sides of the box and fold it along the drawn lines. Let the first folded panel over lap the last panel and secure it with tape. Make holes at theexact center in the front and back of the box and widen them to allow a nail to spin. [...]