When To Plant Vegetables

December 22, 2008 at 8:49 am

As the term vegetables is such a loose term for the huge variety on offer I will give you a rough guide as to when you should plant and where you should plant specific vegetables. In January you sow early peas as well as broad beans in the soil, which you should protect with cloches. If you are looking to plant bulb onions they should be sown under the glass. In February you can continue to sow the early peas and broad beans and you can start to sow carrot seeds in a cold frame. Lettuces are also available to plant under glass and if you are looking to plant beetroot spinach and carrots are available to plant in the soil. In March you can begin to plant lettuces, radishes and spring onions in the soil. You can also sow tomatoes in trays at a constant temperature of around eighteen [...]

When To Plant Roses

December 18, 2008 at 7:01 am

When it comes to planting roses you can pretty much plant them all year round if they are containerized and if they are not the most suitable time would be in late autumn when the leaves are falling from their branches and you can also plant them between the end of January to the beginning of March before the growing season resumes in spring. If you are planting more than one set of roses you should create a trench around two feet wide and the depth of an average spade blade being sure to retain the dirt you have dug out. Fork over the subsoil and then turn in about half of the next strip then mix it together with the organic matter before completing digging of the second strip. Repeat this process across the bed using the soil from the first trench to fill up the final trench. If [...]

When To Plant Tulips

December 16, 2008 at 11:52 pm

Tulips are one of the nicest flowers to grow and as they are a spring flower your garden could be full of them during the months of March and May. If you would like tulips in you garden by the following summer then you will have to think about planting them in the month of November. Tulips like a rich soil for their growth and they also need a position in your garden where they will have lots of sun. You should plant bulbs in a hole around five to six inches deep and around the same distance between each bulb you are planting and try planting them with the pointed tips facing up. When it comes to watering them do not over due it as they do not like to be over watered so be aware of this. You can of course grow tulips in pots as well so [...]

When To Plant Seeds

December 15, 2008 at 11:58 pm

You should always begin your seed growing process by making sure you have all the materials that you will need with you at the growing area. You will need containers with provisions for the drainage so this can be either plastic pots or even peat trays. Most people prefer to use a soiless planting mix due to the sterility and ease of this method to begin with. If you are growing plants that need constant heat to germinate you could use a waterproof soil-heating mat, which can create a stable temperature throughout the soil for those seeds to germinate. When preparing your pots or trays begin by filling them to within a quarter of an inch from the top and then you should moisten the soil by leaving it in a pan of room temperature water until the soil is thoroughly well moistened. It is also a good idea when [...]

When To Plant Grass

December 15, 2008 at 1:33 am

When to plant grass usually reflects on what time of year is best suited to give your grass the best chance of growing. In most countries grass seed should be planted before or after the summer months to allow for the best growing potential. This is due to the weather conditions in the summer being to warm to keep the soil and the new seeds full of moisture without having to constantly get your watering can out and all of the time. The other problems with the summer months is that during the preparation of the soil in the work area it opens up the area to be exposed to weed seeds which actually germinate during the heat so you can be sure of less weeds and a fuller lawn of grass in the cooler months of the year. If you have to plant the seeds in the warmer months [...]