When To Plant Grass

December 15, 2008 at 1:33 am

When to plant grass usually reflects on what time of year is best suited to give your grass the best chance of growing. In most countries grass seed should be planted before or after the summer months to allow for the best growing potential.

This is due to the weather conditions in the summer being to warm to keep the soil and the new seeds full of moisture without having to constantly get your watering can out and all of the time.

Plant Grass When To Plant Grass

The other problems with the summer months is that during the preparation of the soil in the work area it opens up the area to be exposed to weed seeds which actually germinate during the heat so you can be sure of less weeds and a fuller lawn of grass in the cooler months of the year. If you have to plant the seeds in the warmer months be sure to add to the planting area a layer of peat moss or a similar substance which will help the seed retain its moisture and give you a better chance of achieving a lawn you dream of.

The experts say that the best time to plant grass seed is during the autumn months as the soil is still quite warm but the weather temperatures are lower allowing for less watering and of course the weeds will not grow either.

Always apply a starter fertilizer when you plant the seeds and then keep doing this process every four weeks as this is necessary due to all the watering that you do to allow the seeds to sprout actually leaches the first application of the starter fertilizer out of the top layer of soil. By doing this it is actually putting the young roots below this out of its reach.

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