When To Plant Tulips

December 16, 2008 at 11:52 pm

Tulips are one of the nicest flowers to grow and as they are a spring flower your garden could be full of them during the months of March and May. If you would like tulips in you garden by the following summer then you will have to think about planting them in the month of November.

Tulips like a rich soil for their growth and they also need a position in your garden where they will have lots of sun.

You should plant bulbs in a hole around five to six inches deep and around the same distance between each bulb you are planting and try planting them with the pointed tips facing up.

Plant Tulips When To Plant Tulips

When it comes to watering them do not over due it as they do not like to be over watered so be aware of this. You can of course grow tulips in pots as well so they are quite a versatile plant and the end results are always attractive.

By Spring you should have a lovely display in your garden and when you notice that the flowers are dying be sure to cut to cut them off the plant and be sure to remove any yellow leaves but be sure to keep the green leaves intact.

The bulb can then be left in the soil for the next year and if you are lucky you may have a bulblet produced, which can slowly but surely increase the number of tulips in your garden. If you have planted tulips in a pot in your home be sure to either plant them immediately or take out the bulb and dry it well and store it until autumn where you will be able to replant them again and hopefully get the same desired effect as the year before.

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