Wing Back Chairs – The Royalty Favorite

May 11, 2011 at 5:42 am

I really like to furnish my home with items that have stood the test of time and one of my favorites is wing back chairs. Originally used by royalty as far back as when not everybody was even allowed to have a seat, nowadays they can be found every where from conference rooms to living rooms.

The unique design ensures comfort across the wide variety of types of wing back chairs available. I think that due to their comfort levels and general stylishness they are the perfect addition to any room that requires additional seating. If you are considering purchasing wing back chairs, I will now the key aspects that need to be considered before you make the purchase.

 Wing Back Chairs   The Royalty Favorite

An Incredibly Wide Variety

Wing back chairs are incredibly popular and therefore those that manufacture them do so in a very wide variety of styles, materials and colors. Therefore if you are planning on purchasing one or more, don’t rush into the decision. Take careful consideration of the following aspects and then choose the perfect wing back chair for your individual room.

Wing Back Chair Frame

Though wing back chairs come in a variety of materials, wood remains the most popular for the frame and with good reason. There is a certain warmth and sophistication to wooden chairs that makes them the ideal choice regardless of the room. The most popular types of wood for the frame include mahogany, cherry and my personal favorite pine. Though you can always go with the metal option, I have rarely seen examples that would make it wood a reasonable alternative.

Wing Back Chair Material

I have to admit that when it comes to wing back chairs, I would generally exclusively recommend black leather. Though expensive, the faux variety is less so and black leather wing back chairs not only have the advantage of going with absolutely everything, they also make any room that they are added look more classy and sophisticated. If you are not a fan of leather however there are many more options including silk, polyester and wool. The most important thing is that you consider not just which material looks the nicest but which is the most comfortable to sit on. After all that is the primary purchase of the chairs.

Wing Back Chair Color

Wing back chairs come in almost every color imaginable and essentially your choice simply comes down to personal preference and the existing color scheme of the room in question. The latter is important to consider, so remember that just because a particular shade of wing back chair looks perfect within a catalog or show room that does not mean that it will suit your individual room. Always consider existing furnishings, walls and curtains when making your decision.

A Few Examples

Though we all like to be unique, I find that inspiration can often be found within example and so I will now outline a few of my own favorite wing back chairs. All options outlined are available from Amazon but are also likely to be found within a wide variety of furniture stores nation wide.

The Royal Choice

Trevi Leather High Back Wing Chair – AICO Furniture

This wing back chair is a perfect example of not only why leather is your best bet when it comes to wing back chairs but also of just why royalty chose wing back chairs many years ago. There is something so extravagant about this chair; that fact however is certainly not lost on its price tag coming in at just under seventeen hundred dollars.

Wing Back Chairs 1 Wing Back Chairs   The Royalty Favorite

The More Affordable Choice

Boss Wingback Traditional Guest Chair, Black

This wing back chair illustrates that such funds need not be parted with if you are looking for a stylish wing back chair. Though not quite as royal, it is still elegantly designed and more than capable of adding an element of sophistication to any room.

The Fabric Choice

Klaussner Furniture Polo Wing Back Chair

If you are not a big fan of leather, then this wing back chair proves that elegance is not the preserve of leather wing back chairs. It is a perfect example of how the use of softer fabrics can lead to very warm and inviting furniture and wing back chairs are no exceptions to this fact.

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