Wooden Storage Cabinets For Your Home and Office

April 20, 2011 at 5:18 am

If you are interested in organizing your home office, wooden file cabinets can be a great means of doing so. If you are constantly searching for a specific document only to find your office a sea of every single document that you have except for the one that you are looking for, they could easily be the solution to your problems. And though they are ideal for storing documents and other office related products, they can be used in any area of your home that is getting a little bit overrun with clutter.

Should you be interested in purchasing such cabinets, I will now outline all that you need to know. Though not exactly the most complex of office furnishing, there are a few key considerations that need to be made before making your purchase and I will now outline them. Provided you take these aspects into consideration, you will be organised in no time.

Wooden Storage Cabinets1 Wooden Storage Cabinets For Your Home and Office

Key Considerations


Though not the most important consideration when it comes to wooden storage cabinets, many come in very sleek and aesthetically pleasing designs. Therefore provided you take looks into consideration, you should be able to find a wooden storage cabinet that will not only organize your office but make it more stylish. The primary thing to remember is that just because something looks nice in a catalog that does not mean that it will suit your office. Therefore ensure you choose a color and a finish that will go well with your existing office furnishings.

Capacity and Structure

When it comes to the capacity of your storage cabinet, more is always better. I therefore think that you only limit the size of your new wooden storage cabinet by the size of the space that you intend on placing it. Sadly storage cabinets can get full up very easily and then the clutter slowly creeps back into your office. You also need to remember that the capacity is not just based upon the outside dimensions of the storage cabinet. You need to choose one that has the right structure for your individual storage needs. Doing so will greatly increase just how much you can store within a storage cabinet of particular dimensions.


When it comes to the dimensions, you need to be precise. You would be amazed how many people set up their wooden storage cabinets only to discover that they do not fit. It is a result of this fact that all retailers provide exact dimensions of the cabinets that they sell. It is your job however to make sure that you use them, so measure the space that you plan on placing the cabinet before making the purchase.


I have two pieces of advice when it comes to assembling storage cabinets. If at all possible, purchase one that comes pre-assembled. Of course however, most of the time this isn’t possible so my next piece of advise is to take your time and stop if you are unsure of something. Many beautiful pieces of furniture end up looking shoddy and cheap due to being mis-assembled. Therefore take your time, if it was worth purchasing it is worth assembling correctly.

Wooden Storage Cabinets 1 Wooden Storage Cabinets For Your Home and Office

Perfect Choices

If you are looking for a little bit of inspiration or just wondering about what choices are available, here are my top three choices that are currently available from Amazon.

The Compact Choice:

Shoal Creek Lateral File Cabinet Jamocha

This is the perfect choice if you are simply looking to remove clutter from your office but are short of space. It would easily blend into any room without changing the room’s atmosphere or mood and it has a very sleek, compact and modern design.

The Living Room Choice:

Babyletto Wooden 9 Piece Storage Cabinet Set

This wooden storage cabinet on the other hand is for those with entire rooms that they need to sort out. While it may not be ideal for some due to the on-display nature of many of its shelves, it does show just how personal your storage cabinet can be if you are wishing to avoid that office look.

The Standard Office Choice

2-Door Floor Cabinet – Cherry

This is a perfect example of the simple functionality that is offered by many storage cabinets. It simply removes the mess and replaces it with a stylish cabinet in the corner of your room. For those that want storage and nothing more.

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