Wrought Iron Chandelier For Your Living Room

May 1, 2011 at 12:19 pm

I recently purchased a wrought iron chandelier and have been very much impressed with the effect that it has had upon my living room. Such chandeliers are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and class to a room. They were traditionally the choice of Kings and other people of great importance but now almost anyone can add these fixtures to their homes. If you are considering purchasing a wrought iron chandelier, I think that they are a fantastic choice. There are a few aspects that do need to be considered however as I will now outline.

Important Aspects to Consider

Though the easiest means of adding elegance to a room, wrought iron chandeliers possess the capacity to also ruin the look of a room if used incorrectly. This is natural considering they generally become the vocal point of a room as guests eyes are generally drawn to them before they notice anything else. I don’t believe that choosing the right chandelier for a room is particularly difficult; I just believe that you need to carefully consider the following points before making your choice.

Iron Chandelier 1 Wrought Iron Chandelier For Your Living Room

Is Wrought Iron The Right Look For Your Room?

Though I am a massive fan of wrought iron chandeliers and wrought iron in general for that matter, I must admit that due to the traditional nature of the material it does not suit all rooms. Therefore the first point that you need to consider is whether it will actually suit the room that you are expecting to put it in. Just because you love the look of wrought iron that does not mean that it is worth ruining the overall look of the room. It should go without saying that you need to rule out any room that is particularly modern in style.

Do You Want Lighting or an Ornament?

Wrought iron chandeliers can be used to either light a room or decorate it and deciding which reason you are purchasing your wrought iron chandelier for is important. If you wish to use it as lighting, make sure that the chandelier that you are purchasing has sufficient power and reach to adequately light your room. If you want a wrought iron chandelier solely for aesthetic purposes, choose one either with small, low power bulbs or install a dimmer switch. Remember there is such a thing as too bright when it comes to lighting.

Remember that Less is More

As mentioned earlier a wrought iron chandelier can easily define a room and therefore there is no need to have more than one. The same applies to the size, when someone enters a room, you want their eyes to be drawn to it at first but if you choose a chandelier that is too large for a particular room, you will find that it is distracting and looks out of place. Wrought iron chandeliers are very powerful elements of interior design, therefore use them conservatively.

Don’t Forget About Weight

Though any sales person that knows what their doing would always inform you of this, purchasing online may not present such an opportunity. Some chandeliers, particularly the wrought iron variety are incredibly heavy. Therefore you cannot simply hang them as you would a lampshade. You need to ensure that your ceiling has the adequate strength to safely support a wrought iron chandelier before making your purchase. Adding such support to your ceiling can be done but it is not a particularly cheap activity.

A Few Examples of What’s Out There

If you are finding yourself a little bit unsure as to whether or not a wrought iron chandelier is right for your room, here are two examples that I think show just how beautiful wrought iron chandeliers can be. Both are available from Amazon.

Cambridge 6 Light Wrought Iron Chandelier With Antique Black Finish

This chandelier offers a perfect example of just how traditional a wrought iron chandelier can get as well as how much of an effect it can have on a room. This chandelier comes in at just over two hundred and fifty dollars but is more than capable of defining a living room.

Iron Chandelier Wrought Iron Chandelier For Your Living Room

By ARTE DE MEXICO – Iron Lighting Collection Venetian Gold Finish Wrought Iron Chandelier

This chandelier on the other hand shows what you can get if you are willing to spend a little more. Costing over a grand and a half, it certainly isn’t cheap. But it offers a level of sophistication that would be difficult to find in a chandelier that is not of the wrought iron variety.

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