Wrought Iron Fencing and Railings For Your Property

June 30, 2011 at 12:55 am

Should you currently be involved in the difficult activity of choosing fencing or railings for your land, have you considered the wrought iron variety? Due to the excessive strength and durability of wrought iron, it is a very popular means of enclosing gardens and it has some very strong advantages within the style department also.

Much like any form of fencing or railing however, the choice and eventual purchase is usually far from straight forward as there are a range of aspects that need to be considered before a suitable solution can be found. I will now outline just why wrought iron may be the right choice as well as what you need to know in order to purchase it.

Wrought Iron Fence Wrought Iron Fencing and Railings For Your Property

Why Wrought Iron?

The reason for wrought iron being such a popular choice when it comes to fencing and railings is that it offers far more protection against both the elements and those who may wish to trespass on your land. Wrought iron is far stronger than aluminium and therefore anyone intending on breaking or cutting through it would certainly have their work cut out for them. You are likely to also find that over the long run, the elements also have a lot of trouble wearing such fencing down. Though its strength and durability is often the sole reason for choosing it, many people, particularly home owners choose it solely for its aesthetical properties. It was after all the choice of kings in times gone by and therefore enclosing your garden with wrought iron can lend a traditional and mystical atmosphere to what is enclosed within. And from the outside, such fencing generally conveys not only a solid sense of tradition but also an element of quality and class.

How to Choose the Right Look For You

As well as coming in a variety of styles, there are many options available to you to ensure that your wrought iron fencing and railings suits the look of your home. For a start, many suppliers of wrought iron fencing and railing offer fencing that is made of not only wrought iron but of other materials also, wood being a perfect example. You can therefore mix both materials to not only create fencing that suits your home better but also fencing that is cheaper. Another option resides within the fact that like many materials, wrought iron can easily be painted. Though this is likely to increase the amount of maintenance that will be required in coming years, it ensures that you can purchase wrought iron fencing and railings to suit almost any home.

Two Important Considerations

Though you can probably tell from what I’ve written, I am a big fan of wrought iron fencing and railings; there are two aspects of the choosing wrought iron that you need to be aware of. The primary being that though, wrought iron will outlast most other options when it comes to railing and fencing, it will not do so without the occasional lick of paint. Therefore it is certainly not the most maintenance free option. The second catch is that due to its incredibly durable nature, it cannot be bent to accustom a sloping line in your landscape. Therefore unless you are looking for a straight line, you will have to look elsewhere.

A Wealth of Options

If you are interested in purchasing wrought iron fencing and railings but are not sure what types and styles are available, here are a few examples of just how majestic such fencing and railings can be.

Wrought Iron Fence Railing:

The most obvious choice for a wrought iron fence is a product I found on Amazon called “Wrought Iron Fence Railing.” The fence measures 5 feet high and 8 feet wide, making it extremely easy to install large areas of fence quickly. The posts are made from powder coated stainless steel, making them perfect for the toughest of weather so you won’t have to worry about rust. If you’re thinking of putting a fence around your swimming pool, these fence panels meet all swimming pool fence regulations, so you don’t have to worry about a county commissioner coming out and telling you to take the fence down because it’s out of code.

Wrought Iron Fencing Wrought Iron Fencing and Railings For Your Property

Posts for the railing aren’t included, but can easily be purchased from the same manufacturer. Posts aren’t included because depending on where you would like to install the railing, you may want wooden or concrete post brackets.

  • Powder Coated Black. Totally maintenance free, no painting, no welding needed.
  • Meets Swimming Pool Code, Rails: 1-3/8″ x 1-5/8″ x 18 Ga thick. PICKETS: 5/8″ x 19 Ga.
  • Posts are not included. Posts and concrete mounts purchased separately here at our Storefront.
  • Buy 7 ft Posts for inground installation. Fence Railing Panels slope (rack) 12 degrees
  • Mounting brackets included. can be mounted on any surface.

Achla Designs:

This alternative to the first option is a bit more stylish. If you want to add some iron fencing to your yard without going the plain route listed above, this may be for you. Graphite powder on the fence guarantees weather protection. And with a unique hook and loop mechanism, you can easily link pieces of the fence together without having to join them with a post. This particular design can add style to your yard no matter the styling of your house, making it the perfect fit for people needing some protection to keep their kids or dogs in their yard or those wanting to add some style to the outside of their home.

  • Adds style and elegance to your yard
  • Graphite powder coated for maximum protection against weather
  • Hooks and loops link one to another

Watch Out!

Whatever option you choose, be sure you find out if your neighbourhood association or county has any laws that prevent you from putting up certain types of fencing. There’s nothing worse than installing a fence and receiving a fine a few weeks later for being out of compliance with the rules of the neighbourhood. You can usually get information about what’s allowed and what’s against the rules by contacting your county commissioner or neighbourhood association president.

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