10 Easy Ways to Bring Your Outdoor Space to Life

August 26, 2011 at 3:31 pm

Some people have a creative mind that allows them to turn even a small boring space into something really spectacular. Others avoid doing anything with their deck, patio or yard because they just don’t know where to begin. If this sounds like you or maybe you’re just looking for a little inspiration to get you excited, below are 10 easy ways that you can bring your outdoor space to life. Hanging Baskets – Such a simple thing can really make a dynamic impact. Hanging baskets can be filled with flowers or plants and hung pretty much anywhere you can install a hook for a chain or tie a string. Create Borders – When you have a well-defined space, everything looks neat and organized. You could buy edging or borders or you could simply plant rows of flowers. Seeds are inexpensive, sometimes even free and they will define your lawn. Lighting [...]

10 Tips for Buying Outdoor Teak Furniture

August 16, 2011 at 2:24 pm

Teak outdoor furniture has become increasingly popular as consumers become more aware of the advantages that teak wood has over other materials used to make outdoor furniture. Not only is teak beautiful and natural, it is also durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions including severe rain and freezing. Its natural high oil content helps prevent it from decaying and rotting. Even though it tends to be more expensive than other materials, it may be well worth the price when considering its longevity. It is not uncommon to find heirloom furniture from generations past made of teak wood. Teak furniture is also gaining widespread popularity due to its style, and it is rapidly becoming a symbol of status and luxury. This furniture has a timeless appearance and gives an elegant appeal to outdoor spaces. This wood is versatile as it can be utilized in making a variety of products including chairs, [...]