4 Flower Arrangements You Can Do at Home

June 26, 2012 at 3:00 pm

Flower arrangement is an art that brings beauty to our environment. It can add a touch of class to any room or office space. Although it may seem easy, arranging flowers is a skill that has to be practiced before you can do it right. Adorning your home with flower arrangements can bring harmony to any house.

Just like other mediums of art, you need to put into consideration different elements such as proportion, color and balance. However, there is no hard and fast way for doing things because ultimately it will depend on the artists’ personal style. There are many people who love filling their home with different kinds of flowers. But if you have to order them from a florist it can be expensive. Why not do it yourself? Here are four flower arrangements you can do at home.

  • Horizontal Arrangement. This is a simple style you can do at home. All you need is a shallow container and a huge flower to be used as the focal point. Low lying leaves or drooping branches are added to complement the focal point. This type of arrangement looks great on coffee tables and side tables.
  • Triangular Arrangement. This is a common type of flower arrangement that is often seen in many hotels and stores. As the name suggests, the whole thing is triangular in shape. You can achieve this effect by putting the tallest flowers in the center while smaller flowers are put on the sides maintain is triangular shape. This type of style has a more formal effect and is appropriate for formal occasions and parties at home.
  • Vertical Arrangement. In this type of arrangement, tall flowers are used such as forever roses, tulips and carnations. They are placed inside a short jar and are complemented by shorter fillers to make it appear balanced. This type of arrangement looks good in kitchens and center tables.
  • Crescent Arrangement. This type of style follows the shape of the crescent moon. It’s a bit more challenging to create, compared to the previous three mentioned. To achieve the curved effect, flowers that have a natural curve are used.

Take advantage of the natural beauty that flowers provide. Decorate your home with flowers today.

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