5 Ways to Beef up Home Security

February 28, 2011 at 7:09 pm

Home burglary is a big problem and while it’s not possible to completely secure a home, some simple tips can make it less attractive to non-professional thieves.

Locks - Always lock all doors and windows when leaving the home, even if it’s just for a quick trip to the store. The majority of burglars and thieves are able to simply walk in because a home owner thought being gone for 15 minutes was safe.

Make sure new locks are installed when moving into a new house. This is also a good idea when someone, such as a roommate, moves out or anytime when there is uncertainty about how many people may have keys. Spare keys should be placed in a secure container and buried in an area known only to the home owner.

broken window 5 Ways to Beef up Home Security

If keys get stolen or lost, always change the locks right away. Peace of mind is worth the expense.

Security System - After having a security system installed, make sure all wiring or anything associated with it is out of sight. Burglars tend to look for weaknesses in this area.

A house alarm that goes off frequently, for no reason, often results in it being ignored. Have the system inspected at regular intervals and correct any problems that make the alarm less effective.

Doors and Windows - All exterior doors should have deadbolts installed. Doorframes need to be set close to the door to prevent jimmying and sawing through locks and should also be replaced if they are rotting.

Windows are less attractive to thieves if they have many panes of glass rather than one. Using window locks are also a good deterrent especially if the screw heads have been covered with solder. All windows should be included when using a security system.

Security Lights - Burglars don’t want to be seen during their activities. Having bright exterior lights that are triggered by a motion detector is a good repellent, as is keeping doors illuminated at night.

When away for a night or on vacation, put interior lights on a timer or have a trusted person turn them on while collecting the mail and newspaper. Stop delivery if there is no one to house sit.

A house that constantly looks occupied will be less attractive to most criminals.

Get a Dog - One of the best security measures around is a dog. Dogs tend to be protective of their territory and will often bark when they hear a noise or smell someone unfamiliar.

The dog does not need attack training to be effective and owning one offers many other benefits, as well.

Following these suggestions can make a home more safe and secure.

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