7 Great Reasons to Use Polished Concrete

September 7, 2011 at 1:59 pm

As one of the most affordable flooring options, polished concrete is swiftly gaining popularity over natural stone flooring in both households and businesses. Besides its cost-effectiveness, polished concrete also provides the same beauty in flooring that other options offer. Listed below are only seven of the many benefits this flooring offers.

1. A major concern regarding concrete as a flooring alternative in homes and businesses is the health risks concrete dust poses to infants and children. However, polishing concrete eliminates this dusting, making it both a safe and clean flooring option.

polished concrete 7 Great Reasons to Use Polished Concrete

2. Unlike other flooring, polished concrete does not permit water or other contaminants to penetrate its surface as it is made with resistive materials, lending this option much more sustainability and durability. Polished concrete also reduces the harsh possibility of staining as it allows moisture vapor to escape while causing liquid to pool for an easier clean-up.

3. During the polishing process, the concrete hardens and increases in density with the application of an internal impregnating sealer that protects the concrete from the inside-out, giving the flooring more strength and eliminating the need for a topical coating that requires regular maintenance.

4. Polished concrete, with a highly-reflective finish, greatly complements indoor lighting. The polishing can increase reflectivity by up to 30 percent, allowing for the reduction of ambient lighting levels and, therefore, lowering energy costs.

5. In comparison to natural stone flooring and vitrified tiles, polished concrete is one of the most slip-resistant flooring alternatives one can find without sacrificing luster and shine.

6. Concrete polishing eliminates the resin that burns the surface of a concrete floor, making polished concrete a leading flooring alternative for industries that are burdened by tire marks and other unwanted blemishes.

7. Because polished concrete does not require even nearly the amount of maintenance other flooring does, those who opt for this alternative can expect to save a fortune on maintenance costs.

After reviewing the benefits listed above, one should have a greater understanding of how polished concrete has become a leading alternative in flooring. As one of the most cost-effective and maintenance-free flooring solutions available, choosing polished concrete is simply a smart decision to make. In addition, one can enjoy the financial benefits this option offers without sacrificing visual appeal. Aside from the advantages already addressed, polished concrete flooring is also a more eco-friendly alternative as it greatly reduces the need for energy and materials normally applied toward floor covering.

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