Choosing a Comfortable Sofa for a Comfortable Living Room

April 16, 2011 at 2:13 pm

Everyone knows that having a comfortable living room is one of, if not the most, important ingredients in a comfortable home. The living room is where we spend our evenings, relaxing in front of the TV or chatting about the day’s event s with family and friends.

However, the 21st Century has seen the developed world become increasingly preoccupied with looks, and many of us are guilty of making the mistake of choosing the most stylish of settees and sofas in the shop, and disregarding how comfortable they may or may not be.

Because that is one of the unfortunate facts of life; style does not usually equal comfort. Whether it’s clothing or furniture, the designer end of the spectrum will not have been developed with functionality in mind, but rather the ability for it to look good on shop floors and in catalogues, and to have a high end price tag attached.

Yet the thing is, we are able to enjoy both style and comfort. While extravagant shapes and small kitsch designs might be out the window, furniture design has traveled a long way in recent years, and in most good stores you will be able to find settees and sofas that look good while also offering the most comfort possible.

comfortable sofa Choosing a Comfortable Sofa for a Comfortable Living Room

When seeking comfort, ideally you want to think big. Larger cushions are undoubtedly more comfortable, allowing people to stretch out properly and relax after a hard days graft. Unfortunately, smaller living rooms tend to not be so well suited to the large sofa. But thankfully, modular sofas offer a great solution, seeing as they can be formed of an appropriate number of pieces in order to fit into any size room. They can also be adapted into different shapes, in order to comfortably fit into smaller or awkwardly shaped living spaces.

It’s also important to not overlook the advantages of cushions and throws. Additional cushions, while often associated with feminine designs, are in fact akin to a comfortable home. For those worried about the feminine connotations, large cushions move away from this attachment and are also, much more comfortable than their smaller or fussily designed counterparts.

The most important thing however, when choosing a comfortable sofa for the home, is the ability to try before you buy. Settees and sofas that may look incredibly comfortable on the pages of a catalogue can in fact turn out to be shoddily made, from cheap materials and in a smaller size than the catalogue would’ve implied.

In order to ensure you pick the right sofa or settee for your home, shop locally. A simple Google search for something such as ‘sofas Leicester’ should reveal a list of reputable suppliers, and information regarding whether they have a showroom which the public can visit and test the quality and comfort of their products.

However, settees and sofas are not the be all and end all of a comfortable living space. Investing in a thick, stylish rug will instantly create a warmer feel to a living room, making the room seem considerably more comfortable and inviting. Additionally, lighting is often overlooked and seen as more of a cosmetic measure than a route to a comfortable home. However, the wrong lighting will impact considerably on how functional the room is for each needed purpose. While bright lighting is useful in the daytime, when relaxing at night more subdued lighting is integral, particularly in helping the brain to slow down and enter into ‘sleep mode’.

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