Easy Steps to Kitchen Cabinet Selection

March 31, 2011 at 7:33 pm

With shows like Home Makeover, Style My House and Top Design, it is no wonder that many homeowners are so in tuned into styling and remodeling their house. When it comes to reinventing the overall look and appeal of your home, there is no denying that the kitchen is one particular space that can transform the feel of the entire house.

Remodeling the kitchen itself is no easy task especially when you get to the part of deciding which particular cabinets to use. As they play the most poignant role in tying the project together, carefully choosing the design, color and style of these cabinets is critical to the functionality and appeal of your entire kitchen. With so many options to pick between, choosing the right types of kitchen cabinets to go with your kitchen is no easy task. The key is to know the important factors that can help you narrow down your choices to the one design that showcases your style and personality the most.

Determine Budget – As with any major renovation, the first thing you need to consider would be your budget. Know how much money you can set aside for your kitchen makeover. Without careful planning, you can easily go out of your budget range especially in light of the newer, more sophisticated and of course much more expensive designs coming out. Once you have crafted your specific budget for your entire kitchen, divide it into two, half of it will go towards your cabinets as they present the biggest investment you will have to make on your kitchen.

kitchen cabinet Easy Steps to Kitchen Cabinet Selection

Know the Construction Type – Generally, you will be looking at three construction types that you need to familiarize yourself with. Learn the differences between stock, custom, and semi-custom cabinet designs. For starters, stock cabinets are those that you can easily buy from any home improvement store. They are typically manufactured in standard cabinet sizes using economical materials that allow you to create a classy look without paying custom cabinet prices. The custom ones are those that are designed and created to meet your specific requirements and style demands. As such, they come with a hefty price but owning one elevates your kitchen from mundane to truly unique. Opting for semi-custom cabinets means having to go through a number of options and place your order of choice with a cabinet manufacturer or supplier who will then carry out your request. Here, you are given the free rein to decide on the size, materials and particular finishes for your cabinets.

Find your Style – Before finally settling down on a specific choice, experts from companies like https://www.granitetransformations.com/location/granite-transformations-of-concord/, also advise homeowners to explore more style options by looking into design magazines, kitchen books, online resources, and interior design shows. You might just get the inspiration you need to make your cabinets go beyond your expectations.

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