How The Bathroom Vanity Mirror Saved Our Marriage

June 18, 2011 at 12:40 am

My wife and I have an issue in the morning that has almost seemingly driven our marriage apart when it comes to getting ready on some days. My wife likes to wake up early to start working on her makeup for the day. That’s fine. The problem arises when all of her equipment (yes, I call it equipment) makes its way over to my side of the sink and all that I have room for anymore is a toothbrush and maybe a comb. The rest of my stuff has been shoved under the sink and into the medicine cabinet, where it stays until I need it, which is coincidentally every morning.

About two weeks ago I got completely fed up with the situation and decided to put all of her stuff in a garbage bag by her sink. Not my most tactful moment. After a friendly wife to husband chat, we came up with the idea of getting her a bathroom vanity mirror so that the sink was free for me to use in the morning and she wouldn’t have to worry about putting all of her stuff on my side of the bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity Mirror How The Bathroom Vanity Mirror Saved Our Marriage

The Shopping Experience

To be honest, I had no idea what I was getting into when I agreed to be the one that looked online for bathroom vanity mirrors. In truth, it was probably a fair punishment for me putting all of my wife’s beauty products (they’ve been renamed from “equipment”) in a plastic sack next to her side of the sink.

My wife had very specific instructions for me when it came to the bathroom vanity mirror. She wanted to ensure that it had enough space on the counter and in the drawer for all of her things. Also, it had to come with a bench. For whatever reason finding a small bench that matched the other furniture in our house was quite a challenge, but luckily we found something that matched our color style (more on that later).

We have a very contemporary style bathroom, so I wanted to make sure that not only did the vanity hold everything my wife needed, it also had a contemporary flair to it so that it blended in well with the other furniture we have in our house. Dark woods are generally hard to match, so if you’re going to take the same route I did, try and find a neutral wood that isn’t too much to one color palette or another as it will help make the furniture transition between rooms a lot more seamless.

The Options

As I was looking around online for the solution to my bathroom vanity problem, I found quite a few contenders that seemed like they would fit the bill, each for their own different reasons.

Queen Anne Style Cherry Finish Wood Vanity Set – This first option was the one we ended up going with, but not without debate against the others. Unlike other bathroom vanities on the market, this set was crafted completely from wood and didn’t have any of that cheap particle board anywhere in it. There is a 3 part mirror on the table and it comes with an elegant bench that has a very neutral floral pattern on it that will work well in almost any bathroom. The number of positive reviews it had was what had me sold.

Traditional Style Oak Finish Vanity Set with Stool – While not generally our style, my wife really liked the look of this bathroom vanity mirror. Unlike the one above, the mirror is just a single mirror in the center of the console, but in exchange for the lack of viewing space, there were quite a few more drawers. The extra drawers would have been great if my wife were a neat freak, but because she’s OK with just putting everything into a single drawer, the extra organizational space wasn’t really necessary. Still, a beautiful piece that would be perfect for a neat freak.

Coaster Queen Anne Style Vanity Table and Stool/Bench – It was a really difficult decision between this vanity set and the one we actually went with. The beautiful hand painted finish is what has us really considering this one, as it just looks phenomenal. Again, the mirror isn’t the 3 part mirror that was available in the first option, but it’s made up for again with more cabinet space to hold everything you’d need to get ready in the morning. What kept us from making the jump for this one though were a few complaints about damage on arrival. While all of the claims had eventually been taken care of, we were still a little hesitant to take the risk.

Queen Anne Style Cherry Finish Wood Vanity Set Review

So, the one we eventually decided to go with was the Queen Anne Style Cherry Finish Wood Vanity Set. This bathroom vanity was the perfect blend of size, functionality, and looks that we needed for our bathroom. My wife didn’t really want to try and remember a myriad of different drawers where all of her things were, and instead opted to go with a single drawer and a larger mirror. It’s easy to understand why other people would consider the other vanity options we looked at because of the extra drawer space and more organized setup.

The cherry wood finish of the Queen Anne Style set was beautiful against our already dark furniture in the bathroom, and the extra red in the cherry wood added a needed “pop” to the room. Overall though, the two best parts of the whole shopping experience were the build quality of the final product and the packaging.

Bathroom Vanity Mirror 1 How The Bathroom Vanity Mirror Saved Our Marriage

I’m always hesitant to purchase furniture online because of how often it gets damaged when being shipped. While Rooms to Go is nice, I figured this time around it would be best to get exactly what we wanted instead of settling for a bargain priced retailer. The vanity set shipped in great packaging and arrived without a scratch anywhere on the wood. And once the vanity set was completely erected, it was built like a rock. Unlike other do it yourself kits made out of particle board and cheap MDF, this set was vastly superior. While I wouldn’t hit it with a baseball bat to test its rigidity, the legs had no wobble and everything fit together like a glove.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with this bathroom vanity mirror set. My wife is happy and I’m happy and I think we’ve finally reclaimed our bathroom.

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