How to Build a Dog House

January 22, 2010 at 8:56 am

Every dog deserves a house and to make it happen its owner should know how to build a dog house. In this article we will discuss in detail about making a custom dog house. Making a dog house by yourself and gifting it to your dog is a great feeling that cannot be achieved by buying a commercial dog house. Moreover, building it yourself will save you money and it will be built as per your requirements and taste. Finally, it will be up to your dog to decide if he really likes his new home. If you are too lazy to start from scratch or worry that you might mess it up, then you might try and find some kits available in the market, which will make the process lot easier.

The requirements to build a dog house are wooden ply sheet, a hammer and nails, and a saw to cut the wood as per requirements. The size of the dog house will pretty much depend on the dog itself, even if your dog is a puppy now you must be fully aware that how big he is going to grow up and make the dog house accordingly.

Dog House How to Build a Dog House

Dog house kit – If you planned to buy a kit make sure to know what the kit covers. Most likely it will have floor, walls and the roof. So all you have to do is use a screwdriver, nails and hammer and start fixing the kit to form a dog house. Make sure to read the manual, it will simplify the process. The only problem in this process is the level of customization which can only be fully achieved if you build it by hand, manually from scratch.

The carpenter way to build a dog house:

  • The first step of this process is to choose your materials. To begin with, I would prefer a plastic top if the place you keep the dog house has chances to get wet by rain. Also making the roof non-flat helps in case of rain; I personally prefer slopping roofs that extends a little more than the walls so that the water cleanly falls down.
  • Next you should make a removable floor, I know you expect your dog not to do potty in its own home, but let’s not assume as much and prepare for the worst. A removable floor can be easily cleaned. Also, it is advisable that you build the dog house on a raised platform, that way it will be safe from insects.
  • You will need 3 side walls and at the front a good and spacey door will do fine. Also, on the door side, make the roof come out a little more so that the water does not falls too close to the door. It will also provide a little more shade.

In moist and damp conditions dog house would also need some insulating done. For that you will have to use insulating materials like foam and place it around the falls and the roof. This will require a little bit of professional help, however if you want to do it yourself, make sure you place the layer of foam properly between the two plywood plates you are using for the walls, deck and the roof.

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