How to Build a Stand

December 7, 2008 at 12:46 am

We use different kinds of stands in our daily life. Stands to stand up on, to showcase an artifact or simply to arrange goods. We have different kinds of stands like a telephone stand, kitchen stand and drawing stands. Today, we will see how to build a plant stand?

A plant stand can give your plant an elevation, where you can tend to it easily. You can also put the plant stand in the verandah especially if it is a flowering plant.

Build Stand How to Build a Stand

To begin with, you’ll need the following tools: measuring rule, pencil, carpenters’ square, handsaw, drill, straightedge, chisel, hammer, fine-toothed flat file, miter box and backsaw, nail set, sanding block, countersink, screwdriver and paintbrush.

Materials needed: furniture-grade plywood, half-round molding, hide glue, 3-penny finishing nails, medium- and fine-grit sandpaper, rag, flathead wood screws and plastic wood paint.

Once you have decided how long the stand is going to be, you can start with the base. Measure and cut out a circle in a piece of thick wood. A minimum of fifteen-inch circle is fine for a normal sized stand. But the overall measurements depend on your requirements as to how big a stand you want. Next drill a hole in the exact center of the circle. Thread one of the shafts of a spindle into the hole tightly.

Cut out smaller circles and rectangular handles to make the holders in the plant stand. The handles need to be long enough to hold the holders far out. Drill a hole in the exact center of the smaller circles and thread it with the shaft. Put the plant holders over the shaft and screw them to hold them in place. Make more tiers of holders in the same manner, depending on your design. Top the stand with a decorative spindle. You stand is now ready for polishing. Alternately, you can take the stand apart and paint it. After it has dried completely, reassemble it and your self-made stand is ready.

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