How to Repair Holes in the Wall – Step by Step

May 6, 2009 at 10:39 pm

There are several different ways that exist to repair holes in the walls. This article addresses one of those ways of how to repair holes in the wall on a step by step basis. It will help you know what supplies are needed. Also discussed will be how to achieve the result you desire after you have completed your project.

First you will need to visit one of your local hardware supply stores in order to purchase all of the necessary supplies needed in order to complete the repair successfully. The items needed are a putty knife, sandpaper, wood block, joint compound mixture and paint if you wish to paint the wall afterwards.

Holes in the Wall How to Repair Holes in the Wall   Step by Step

Before getting started on this project it is very important to prepare the area. This should be done by removing any loose materials around the hole so that the area is clean and free from any debris.

The second step is to is to use the putty knife to fill the holes with the joint compound mixture. The compound from the store usually is premixed. It is important to make sure that the compound dries completely before completing the next step in the repair process. While working with the compound it is very crucial to not overwork it. Do not try to smooth the compound out too much as it will look worse the more it is played with while completing the smoothing process.

Also make sure to leave several inches around the area of repair so that you won’t need to spread compound onto nearby walls or ceilings. This also prevents having to repaint after having previously already completed painting the room.

The next step is to use sandpaper to sand the filled hole. If shrinkage is noted after you have repaired the holes apply a generous second coat of the compound. Let it dry completely once again. Afterwards, follow the steps of sanding and painting.

The last step is to paint the area with either paint, which matches the wall color, or with a good primer. If you can’t find a paint to match the area or only have enough for a little area of the wall taking a picture of your wall to the paint or hardware store in order to get a match would be a wise next step to take to complete the repair process.

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