How to Repair Plastic

March 10, 2009 at 10:20 pm

In our everyday life, we use so many articles made of plastic that it may seem surprising not to know how to fix things made of it. However, it’s common for most of us to throw things made of plastic and purchase new ones instead of repairing them.

Though repairing plastic may seem a daunting task, it’s not that hard if you do it the right way.

The first step to repair things made of plastic is to identify the type you are dealing with. In case of some expensive items like vehicles, you will need a particular type of cement to bond the broken parts together. For repairing functional plastics where the appearance of the item doesn’t matter, you can make use of liquid-powder mixes that solidify gradually, thereby allowing you to shape it suitably.

Repair Plastic How to Repair Plastic

To fix items that have a malleable polymer as their constituent, you can shape the damaged area at first. Once you find the fix to be proper, you can apply a second agent that will make the first patch permanent by getting solidified.

When you think about how to repair plastic, your first job is to find the proper tools. You may search the appropriate tools in some auto parts store even when you are not fixing parts of cars. Such stores offer specific fixes that may be useful when you repair some parts of a vehicle.

It is wise to invest in a plastic welder, which will be handy especially for repairing some motorcycle and ATV parts. Once you have applied the first patch to repair plastic, you should refine it after it solidifies. You can use good quality sandpaper to make the rough edges smooth and get the patch merge with the rest part of the article. If required, you may even put a coat of matching paint over the repaired patch so that it can’t be distinguished from the other parts. So, go ahead and repair your damaged articles made of plastic.

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