How to Repair Rust

April 19, 2009 at 1:11 am

If your steel tools, sidewalk, basement floor, driveway or car is attacked by rust, you will need to repair that rust damage. If you are wondering how to repair rust, the following steps may be of help:

To remove rust from steel tools, use a piece of slightly abrasive cloth to remove any rust or dirt from the surface of the tool. Next, fill a plastic bucket with rust remover solution of good quality and immerse the steel tool in it. The use of a plastic bucket is advisable, as most rust removers don’t react with plastic. Read the directions on the label of the rust remover solution and keep the tool immersed for the time period that’s mentioned on it. 30 minutes to an hour would be enough to remove normal rust from the surface of the steel tool. However, the temperature may also play a role as the rate of reaction increases with an increase in the temperature. Take your tool out of the bucket after the prescribed time limit and rinse it off with fresh potable water. Wipe the surface of the steel tool carefully using a clean rag to get rid of any rust particles that didn’t dissolve away. If you find that the surface has still some rust, repeat the entire process. Heavily rusted articles often take more than a single application to become free of rust.

Repair Rust How to Repair Rust

To remove rust from concrete, you will need to clean any debris and dirt from the affected area. Next, depending on the quality of the rust, you should mix water and a good quality rust remover powder. Apply this gel on the rusted part using scrub brush or paint brush and let it stand for about 15 minutes (or longer in case of more severe rust). Afterwards, use water to wash off the treated area. Repeat the whole process if you find that some rust is still remaining on the concrete.

For repairing rust spots on your car, you will need to remove rust from the affected regions. You can use rubbing alcohol or white spirits along with a coarse sandpaper or strong wire brush for this purpose. After scraping away any rust or loose paint, put a coat of rust-removing solvent and wipe the region clean using some rags. Your next step is to put glazing putty to the affected region. After that, apply a coat of primer and matching color on the affected region. As the application of a glazing putty covers the pits or scratches, it will enable the paint to cover the region in a consistent manner.

Follow the steps ahead to repair rust and give your affected articles a new life.

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