Remodeling Your Home – Here’s What to Expect

February 22, 2011 at 4:59 pm

Unless you had it custom built, there are probably a few things you would like to change in your current home. Whether you have a desire for more bathroom space, bigger kitchen cabinets or maybe even an additional room where you can watch movies in peace, home remodeling can get you what you need. But at what cost? When remodeling a home, the costs are not always as easy as the dollar amount on the work order. Home remodeling puts your family’s daily activities out of commission for a while and can lead to some extra stress. But like the old saying goes, “knowing is half the battle,” so here’s what to expect if you are having your home remodeled.

Noise – and Probably Lots of It

Unless you hired home contractors to work on a gingerbread house, they are going to need to use power tools. That means table saws, drills and maybe even jackhammers will be used throughout the day.  If you work from home – find a Starbucks or someplace nearby with Wi-Fi because even if it doesn’t bother you at first, subconsciously, the noise from the remodeling project will slowly eat away at your sanity. Even if you don’t work from home, try to get out of the house a little more than normal. Now is the perfect time to meet that old friend out for lunch or a movie. Depending on the scope of your project, you might even want to arrange to stay at a friend’s house or vacation home. This will allow you to keep your sanity and stay out of the remodeler’s way as they go about building your dream home.

home remodeling Remodeling Your Home   Heres What to Expect

Dust, Trash, and Scraps

Sawdust, dirt, cardboard, random screws and nails – it all comes with the territory of a home remodeling project. Even if your home does not normally attract a lot of dust, if left unattended, your home could begin to look like the surface of the moon thanks to all the extra hustle and bustle around your property. Depending on where the remodeling is taking place, you should take extra care to cover up furniture or close off doors to the rest of your house. Also, unless you have OCD, don’t follow the remodelers around with a feather duster. You will only create about 100x more work for yourself than necessary. The construction crew should have guys assigned to clean up things like trash, screws and nails, but just be wary and maybe refrain from walking around the house in bare feet until they are completely finished with the project.

Delays, Problems, and Frustration

I hope that you aren’t deterred from remodeling your home – I know this is a very negative sounding article, but believe me; the finished project of custom kitchen cabinets or a room addition is more than worth every bit of noise and dust.  But I do have one last thing to prep yourself for. Delays and problems. Even if you go with a reputable custom home builder or remodeler, there are some circumstances that are out of their hands. If materials aren’t shipped on time, or if they arrive damaged, that could delay your project by a week or more. Maybe after seeing that paint color on the wall, you don’t feel so hot about it – that’s something that needs to be addressed early on and could potentially lead to more delays. If your project was estimated to take 4 weeks, never assume that you will be ready to enjoy your new home in the quoted time. Maybe add a week or two – you could get a surprise if they finish on time!

There are few things more rewarding than completing a home remodeling project. If you know what to expect, in terms of things that could increase your frustration, the problems associated with the project might not seem so big. The more you know, the better prepared you can be.

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