Spring Cleaning Your Dorm – Your Room and Beyond

April 5, 2011 at 5:24 pm

If you have spring cleaning on your mind as spring break nears, you are definitely in the minority. Motivating yourself to accomplish the task can be rather difficult when visions of beaches and oceans or mountains and old forests dance across your inner eye. Fortunately, it really isn’t too difficult a task once you organize and set your mind to get it done once and for all.

Clearing – Are you simply clearing or clearing and cleaning? If the former is all that’s on the agenda, you could be finished in practically no time. If you’re clearing and cleaning, you’ll be involved a little longer, but you’ll still be able to complete the task in under a day, especially if you have your roommate’s help.

Clearing unwanted clutter composes the easier part of the two-part task. Simply determine if you truly want – and have room for – something. If you do, put it aside. If not, box it and donate it to a charity or throw it away. Be ruthless. Be kind to the charity. Don’t keep something that you haven’t thought about or used or needed in months.

If you can sell old textbooks or reading books and pocket the money, don’t be embarrassed about it. That’s how used books become available. Consider it recycling not only the book material but the knowledge they contain. The pocket money can’t hurt either.

spring cleaning Spring Cleaning Your Dorm   Your Room and Beyond

Combine the charity or dump runs with friends, your roommate or dorm mates to save on gas and possible landfill fees.

Once you determine what you want to save, put it all aside and get ready for the cleaning part of your task.

Cleaning – If you have carpeting or rugs in your room, a good vacuum and new bags, if the model uses them, are definitely on the ‘get’ list. A decent broom, a dust pan, dust cloths and a mop are also must-haves. Window cleaner, furniture polish and the attendant cloths or materials should be included. Once you have your cleaning tools ready, it’s time to dig in and just do it.

Pull the linens, blankets and pillows from your bed and head for the laundry machines. If washable, include the pillows themselves in the washing rotation.
Pick things up off the floor. Put trashcans, shoes and things on the desks and beds and on the closet floor.

Sweep the floor thoroughly. Move the furniture away from the corners and baseboards to tackle those hard-to-reach places. Remove the piled dirt often. Leaving it on the floor subjects the pile to a breeze, a stray footfall or furniture, causing you to backtrack and clean again. Don’t forget those upper corners.

If you have carpeting, vacuum the floor well in place of sweeping.

Once the floor has been swept thoroughly, don’t discard the broom; you’ll need it again shortly.

Next comes dusting. Reach the top of the molding on top of windows, the window framing, handles and locks. Get all the dirt and dust you possibly can. Leaving some can make cleaning the actual panes harder.

Remove what’s on top of your standing closet, what’s on the top shelf and clean both those areas. When finished, return the items neatly. Do the same to the bottom of the closet or locker. Next, tackle the bed frame.

Clean the window panes with a streak-free or -resistant cleaner. A low-budget alternative is a white vinegar-and-water mixture at 1 part white vinegar to 20 parts water. If you have blinds on the window, most vinyl blinds don’t mind the same cleanser.

Once you’ve dusted thoroughly and cleaned the floor and closet, mop the floor thoroughly. Use drying time to shuttle things to the trash or to the receiving charity. When the floor is dry, return everything you picked up before to their proper places, making sure the bottoms are dirt-free.

Sweep traffic areas one last time; remake the bed; check the closet or locker again to ensure everything is in its place, then return the cleaning materials to their proper location, and pat yourself on the back: Your room is finished!

Help you dorm mates clean the common areas, and your spring cleaning is history!

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