Wool Area Rug – The Why What and How

June 7, 2011 at 6:21 am

Though the modern household is generally furnished with an endless list of items that weren’t even invented fifty years ago, there are some furnishings that have very much stood the test of time. Wool area rugs are the perfect example of this. Though invented generations ago, they are still the perfect addition to the modern home. Nothing livens up a dull and drab room quite like an exotic and extravagantly colored wool area rug. And though it is within drab rooms that the greatest effect can be made, just about any room can be improved by the correct choice of woolen rug. I will now outline just why this is the case as well as just how to best decorate with these beautiful household items. Why Wool Area Rugs Are Luxury Items In historical cultures, wool area rugs were a form of currency and this is a pretty clear validation [...]