The Ultimate Home Improvement – A Loft Conversion

April 15, 2011 at 7:51 am

Home improvement is a vast category, with everything from decoration to the demolishment of walls all standing as effective ways to improve a humble abode. However, there is one home improvement that can make a difference that outshines all others, and that is the loft conversion.

Whether it is simply adding a small third floor to a large townhouse or investing in a bungalow loft conversion in order to make the transition from bungalow to house, a loft conversion can make a huge difference to the look, feel, practicality and value of the home.

Loft conversions are in fact, the best way to go about adding another room (or two) to a home. Just DIY Decor says that unlike kitchen extensions or conservatories, which have a very limited scope of use, the loft conversion is incredibly versatile. Most commonly loft conversions are utilized to add another bedroom to the home. It is also not uncommon in larger lofts for the bedroom to benefit from an en-suite bathroom. However, a loft conversion can also serve fantastically as an office (they tend to be very light due the height of their placement, and quiet, due to their position in relation to rooms such as the living room, which tend to be very noisy), or a playroom. Many parents find it a burden to constantly have to tidy away their children’s toys, in order to use their living space in the evening to relax. However, by dedicating one particular room to the children, they are free to do whatever they wish with their toys, without infringing on the rest of the home.

home improvement The Ultimate Home Improvement   A Loft Conversion

However, as was mentioned, the greatest benefit to a loft conversion or a bungalow loft conversion is how adaptable it is. Whether the room has been chosen to be used as a bedroom, office or playroom (or whatever else your heart may desire), it is very easily changed into something else.

This is very beneficial to most families. For example, where an office space may have been required, the need for this may soon be outweighed by a growing family and the need for an extra bedroom. It is then very easy to convert the office space into a bedroom, simply be removing and replacing furniture. It would even be possible at this point (should space allow) to add an additional wall to the conversion, in order to take advantage of a bedroom and office space.

This benefit also shines when it comes to selling a home. It is easy for a buyer to imagine how they would choose to use the space, regardless of how the room is currently being used. It is also proven that a loft conversion can add significant value to the home, however, the task of converting the loft is likely to be very expensive in itself, meaning that there is often not a huge amount of profit to be made. Regardless of this, the cost should still be significantly less than if a family were to move home in order to enjoy a bigger house, as well as being a considerably less stressful mission.

However, one important thing to consider when taking the plunge and making the most of your home with a loft conversion or bungalow loft conversion is the reliability and trustworthiness of the builders you choose to employ. Unfortunately, as in most fields, there are a number of unscrupulous builders around. Thankfully, the vast expansion of the internet has resulted in an easy way to find reliable and honest workers. A simple Google search for say, ‘loft conversions Birmingham’, should not only reveal a list of local builders, but also a number of reviews from past customers, allowing you to ensure you only employ the best that your area has to offer.

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