Three Step to Reclaiming Your Living Room

March 1, 2011 at 11:32 am

The living room is a multi-purpose space that is commonly used by everyone in the family. It is easy for clutter to surreptitiously take over every flat surface in the room until you find yourself trying to watch television around a stack of mail with your feet nestled between two pairs of discarded shoes under the coffee table. Taking control of living room clutter can help you keep the mountains of unnecessary stuff out of the room so that you can enjoy it in the way that it was intended to be enjoyed.

A little organization can go a long way toward reclaiming your living room on a daily basis.

Make a Space for Items that are Really Used

living room Three Step to Reclaiming Your Living Room

Think about what you and your family really use the living room for. Is it a space for watching television, playing video games, reading books, chatting after dinner, or a combination of all of these activities from time to time? Once you create a list of things you want to do in this room, get rid of all of the things that are not part of those activities. Only keep items in the living room that directly apply to the tasks you and your family use that room for.

Minimize Decorative Features

Decorations can give a room personality, but they also take up a lot of space. Try not to display all of your favorite decorations at once. Choose the pieces that mean the most to you for the room. Reducing the decorations can make the room feel more open and bigger than it did before. When you get tired of the current decoration, you can revisit some of the items that you chose not to display and create a whole new look without spending any extra money. By using just a few items at a time, you can highlight your favorite pieces instead of hiding them among a large collection of items.

Create a Realistic Routine

The key to keeping the clutter from creeping back into the room is establishing a realistic routine that you and your family will follow daily. If you are used to coming in and dropping the mail on the coffee table, train yourself to hold onto it until you get to the kitchen or office instead. Set aside five minutes after the television is turned off to collect any items that have migrated into the living room that day. Daily clutter is generally not overwhelming, so clearing it takes very little time and keeps the mountains from beginning to form in the first place.

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