Ways to Grow Broccoli in Your Garden

March 22, 2011 at 2:45 am

Growing broccoli in your home garden is a great choice for amateur garden enthusiasts. Having a vegetable garden is a good idea as it can help you save money by growing your own produce and it can encourage you to eat healthier. Choosing broccoli for your garden is ideal vegetable selection as it is not difficult to grow. Additionally, it makes a great side dish with many meals.

Planting – At the ending of the winter and summer months is the ideal time to start cultivating broccoli in your garden. When planting, it is important to take into consideration what grew there before. The practice of rotating your crops can help maintain soil fertility. Therefore, it is best not to plant broccoli where similar vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce or radish were planted, especially within a two years.

Keep Moist – When growing broccoli in your garden avoid any dry spells. The roots should not be in bad drainage and it is best for them to grow in wide mounds. Soil with organic compost is an ideal location for them to grow. If the compost is made with animal manure or rotted chicken manure this gives off nitrogen which can help the broccoli to grow better.

broccoli Ways to Grow Broccoli in Your Garden

In order to obtain fresh broccoli in your plot it is important to maintain a constant water supply. Water the garden in the morning so the plants are dry by evening. Make sure that you soak the soil to about a depth of six inches at minimum.
Cultivate – The cultivation should begin with seeds or seedlings. Prior to planting broccoli in your garden, plant them indoors in a large pot or deep tray with organic soil and seed starter mix. The seeds can be spaced about four to five inches apart. Place plastic over the pot or tray to preserve the seeds’ humidity and warmth. They can receive a couple hours of exposure to sunlight or a fluorescent light. After the seedlings appear, treat them until they are about four to five inches tall, then move them to your garden.

The broccoli in your garden is usually ready for harvesting approximately 65 to70 days after planting. The best time to pick is when the head of the plant is three to six inches around. In order to pick them, cut the stem of the broccoli about six inches below the head. Ensure the flower buds are closed. If you wait too long to pick it may turn into flowers. In such a case, it will be too late to harvest the broccoli.

Growing delicious broccoli in your garden is a good decision to make. It is best eaten raw as all the nutrients are preserved that way. The most important thing to maintain when growing broccoli is to keep the soil moist. Taking the proper steps during cultivation will enable you to reap an excellent crop. Not only is broccoli tasty, but it is also a healthy food choice for you and your family.

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