Ways to Harvest Rain Water – Rain Water Harvesting

August 13, 2009 at 3:59 am

Ground water levels are going down as more and more people start living in the same place in the form of smaller houses, apartments, multiple story buildings etc. Since more people are using the ground water of a particular place, the level of ground water is expected to go down, if not already. There are a few ways to stop this from happening:

1) Use supply water: If the municipal corporation of your area provides water supply, then go for it. This way you will use water from elsewhere and your community underground water levels will not be exposed much.

Harvest Rain Water Ways to Harvest Rain Water   Rain Water Harvesting

2) Use water tankers: Some places do provide with water tankers, and there could be a private party supplying water by the means of water tankers. It might be expensive, but it’s still another way to save your ground water.

3) Use less water and waste none: A tough step, but individually we need to do this and do it effectively otherwise it won’t work.

There could be various ways but the very best method is to harvest rain water. Its raining here and as I write this article I also see water drain outside and I see the water going to a nearby river which means rain water going away, away and gone. So, here are some ways to harvest rain water and increase your ground water level.

1) Make sure that the water from your house’s roof goes inside the earth. For this to happen, you need to dig a big hole, more like a well but not that deep. Once that’s done you should go on your roof and find the source where the water from your roof goes down. If you are lucky, it will be most probably a pipe that is bringing all roof water ground. At the bottom of the pipe, add a hosepipe, your very own garden water pipe should do it. Fix its one end with the roof pipe and another end to the hole, that you dug in your ground. When the rain will come, all the water from the roof will go to the underground hole.

2) Do the above step on a community level: Not easy, but possible. Talk to your neighbors and see if they agree. After that go to your local municipal office, I know they are not all that co-operative, but still have a go. Go with an application and take their permission on it, if they approve its good, otherwise just take a receiving. Once you have got the permissions, and everything is ready to go, just make sure that the hole is well dug and has a good cover on the top. Just keep it safe.

3) Store rain water in containers: Sounds like a strange idea, however if you have a large garden space then buying out a few good containers, large enough, might just help to store rain water.

4) Store rain water in underground containers: Put big plastic containers under the ground, and let the rain water go into them. It’s a good idea since its not taking any visible space on your garden. And when the rain stops, use the stored water.

5) Store rain water in plastic bottles: Seriously cheap method, but hey, plastic is not echo friendly. But in this case, I would prefer plastic bottles, easy to store and clean, cheap to buy if not freely available.

If you have more ideas, just add them in the comments. Let’s go our part and make life easier for all.

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