Ways to Improve the Safety of Your Floor

June 24, 2011 at 4:35 pm

With cases of accident compensation abounding, it’s imperative that when you put flooring down that workers or the public are going to use, you ensure their safety is at the forefront of your mind.

Safety flooring can come under many different guises and serve myriad purposes, so its paramount that you get the right kind for the environment in which it will be put. This will ensure it remains effective and long-lasting.

One of the most common places for non-slip matting is at swimming pools, where the unavoidable water pools make the flooring extremely slippery. For this, a design that allows water to be drained away from the source will be most effective, meaning that pools of stagnant water cannot form in walkways.

Safe Flooring

broken floor Ways to Improve the Safety of Your Floor

Also, it’s worth investing in an anti-bacterial material as the design can sometimes make the matting difficult to clean, with it having many ridges for the water to drain from.

As far as aesthetics go, mats such as these often come in a range of colors, allowing them to be retro-fitted to the floor around a pool but still match the color.

In a workplace environment, however, safety matting may be used to give grip to those standing at machinery, as a slip here could cause serious damage.

In this case, drainage would not be such an issue as they are less likely to be wet, but they would need to be sufficiently more robust, ensuring that they won’t wear out after being walked on and scuffed by workers in boots.

They are also much more beneficial for the workforce as standing on a softer non-slip mat is better for bones and joints than standing on a cold, hard concrete floor.

Finally there are mats which go down at the entrances of buildings. These will need to be a combination of the two mentioned above as they will need to be robust enough to take the heavy footfall using it each and every day, whilst also allowing for proper drainage so somebody walking into a building with wet shoes is less likely to slip and fall.

Using simple measures such as these can quickly and efficiently ensure that anybody using your building will be kept as safe as possible, all the while giving you full peace of mind.

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