Welcome The Spring With A New Kitchen Colour Scheme

March 22, 2011 at 6:27 pm

Colour is one of the most important factors in any interior design project. But when it comes to the kitchen, the right colours can completely transform the room into a modern, clean and tranquil environment that even the most reluctant of cooks would be happy to spend time in. And as we’re starting to see the last of winter, now is the perfect time to employ a new colour scheme in your kitchen to fit in with the emporium of colours our spring months bring.

One of the most popular kitchen colours is white. It is generally believed that people choose white because it looks ‘clean’. However it has the drawback of tending to look very cold and clinical.

Another problem with white kitchens is that although they initially do look very clean, the colour will expose dirt very easily. Often when we cook, the smoke can cause discolouration to the walls, and this is particularly noticeable when those walls are white.

In order to minimise such discolouring it is worth investing in a high quality cooker hood, such as Franke cooker hoods. Cooker hoods are installed above a set of hobs and when switched on will quickly extract smoke in order to prevent it from staining walls or activating fire alarms. However, cooker hoods can be quite expensive, and should ideally last along time before a repair or replacement is required. With this in mind it is usually best to only invest in trusted, quality brands such as Franke cooker hoods, to ensure you are only getting the best product available.

new kitchen colour scheme Welcome The Spring With A New Kitchen Colour Scheme

If you would definitely like to use white in your kitchen, it is best used alongside brighter colours that are known to have a positive effect on the mood.
Colour can in fact completely alter the mood of a room. For example, yellow has been shown to make people feel happier, therefore it is the perfect colour to use in a room that has previously appeared dated or dreary, and is an ideal springtime shade as it mimics the colour of the archetypal spring flower, the daffodil.

Peaches, greens and blues are also beautiful springtime colours that will instantly brighten up a dull kitchen. However it is wise to be frugal in the use of certain colours, particularly blue, as this colour is largely associated with the bathroom. Because blue is a primary colour it is complemented by almost all other colours, and the use of a light blue in large areas offers the opportunity to then use a bright, vibrant colour such as red in a smaller area, without that colour dominating the room or eliminating the ‘kitchen’ feel.

Whatever colour scheme you choose to welcome the spring with your kitchen, it is always worth considering the installment of a cooker hood to reduce the chance of cleaning and repainting being required in the near future. Most spring colours are light, and although white will show dirt and grime the quickest, all these colours will eventually display the results of frequent cooking if sufficient precautions are not taken. Again, you should ideally invest in only quality cooker hoods, such as Franke cooker hoods, to ensure the product stands the test of time and lives up to the job it has been made to do.

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