What Does a Home Mean in India

October 14, 2008 at 8:46 am

The word home means a lot of things to an Indian. The first thing, which comes to mind, is family. Historically and culturally, India has always been a country with very strong family ties. Home to an Indian typically means a place to retire to after work, back to ones own family consisting of wife, kids, food and television.Sometimes this could also mean an extended family apart from ones own parents, it could also mean in-laws, uncles, aunts and cousins and could also include pets.

Indian homes generally consist of parents, husband, wife and children. With a huge middle class population with middle class values, home means just that. Generally speaking it’s the duty of the husband to provide and the duty of the wife to keep the home neat and clean and in order. Some creative wives also endeavor to make their homes aesthetically pleasing by designing and beautifying their homes either themselves or with the help of professionals. An Indian house only becomes a home when it is occupied by his or hers near and dear ones with occasional guests thrown in, whom they try to please with their hospitality and also impress them by keeping their homes up to date with the latest furnishings and electronic gadgets. Needless to say this also brings about competition within the neighbors to gain the upper hand in beautifying their homes.

Home Mean What Does a Home Mean in India

With an increase in wealth and income, the typical middle class Indian is now able to spend more in improving his way of life and many Indians spend the extra income on doing up their homes, simply refurbishing it or updating it with latest appliances. These days with the younger generation moving away from the system of nuclear families, more and more houses are springing up all of which have to be converted to homes, meaning more spending on furnishings and appliances. An Indian even though he may not be as civic minded as his counterpart in developed countries, especially in the western world, when it comes to keeping public places neat and clean is very strict when it comes to his own home. Home is one place that will be kept, clean and tidy, with beautiful things that decorate the interiors and tasteful furniture.

Having said that, urban India is a lot different from rural India, where the emphasis is not much on decorating ones homes with expensive fixtures, decorations and appliances but on cleanliness and simplicity. It is a different matter, that these days, the average rural man is able to afford to spend on interior designing or decorations than of his people a generation ago and some rural homes don give some city homes a complex with their tastefully done up homes. Urban or rural, the word home still means one thing to an Indian mostly and that is a place to feel comfortable, peaceful in the midst of his wife, kids, parents and a place to entertain his friends occasionally. In short home is everything to an Indian.

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