When NOT to Attempt a DIY Home Improvement Project

July 9, 2011 at 1:25 am

Home improvement projects are truly fulfilling, but also quite expensive. Many people prefer to cut out the middleman, buy their own materials and tackle the project themselves. While this is a terrific way to save money, it can result in disaster if you get in over your head. If you do not have a fair assessment of your own skills before you begin a project, it is easy to find yourself in a situation where you have to hire someone to come in and finish the job, or even worse, you have wasted a lot of money on materials and the project does not come out right.

Home Improvement Project

home improvement project When NOT to Attempt a DIY Home Improvement Project

Carpeting – Contrary to popular belief, laying carpet requires more skill than spreading it out and adhering it to the floor. First the existing carpet and padding has to be properly removed. After you have removed the existing carpeting, you have to accurately pad the floor or your new carpeting will not be very comfortable. After you lay the padding, you have to make sure your new carpeting fits snugly around the walls; wood or metal trim may be required for areas where the carpet meets hardwood floors or tile. Carpeting requires precision, patience and skill. If you have never done it before, then you should not try it on your own unless you have someone with practice to help you.

Electrical Work – If you do not have experience doing electrical work, teaching yourself is not a brilliant idea. Electrical work can be problematic at best and extremely dangerous at its worst. Most people can handle straightforward tasks like installing a ceiling fan or new chandelier, but more complex jobs like installing a 220-volt outlet are not that simple. Brandan Davies, an injury lawyer suggests one to learn as you go with electrical work can lead to power outages, blows fuses and even injury if you do not follow proper legal safety precautions. You should always do electrical work with the guidance of someone who has previous experience.

Plumbing – Just because you can buy a new toilet for $100.00, does not always mean that you should install it yourself. Household plumbing is an intricate system of pipes that run through the entire house. If you make a mistake, you will likely pay for it by causing flooding that results in water damage or broken pipes. Before you undertake any plumbing project, it is essential that you understand your home’s plumbing system and how to correctly shut off the water system while you are working (you can explore more here). If you are not sure about things like how to connect the pipes or how to seal the base, then you are better off leaving it to a professional.
These are just three examples of projects that DIYers should be leery of approaching unless they have experience. You should do your homework before tackling any new home improvement project. Investing the time to learn how to do your renovation properly will save you a lot of frustration while you are working on the project and potential aggravation if something goes wrong.

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