When To Plant Roses

December 18, 2008 at 7:01 am

When it comes to planting roses you can pretty much plant them all year round if they are containerized and if they are not the most suitable time would be in late autumn when the leaves are falling from their branches and you can also plant them between the end of January to the beginning of March before the growing season resumes in spring.

If you are planting more than one set of roses you should create a trench around two feet wide and the depth of an average spade blade being sure to retain the dirt you have dug out. Fork over the subsoil and then turn in about half of the next strip then mix it together with the organic matter before completing digging of the second strip. Repeat this process across the bed using the soil from the first trench to fill up the final trench.

Plant Roses When To Plant Roses

If you are planting just the one rose then just dig a hole around twice the width of the plants roots and the depth of the spade blade as described before.

To improve the back fill add some organic matter or fertilizer but do make sure you do not add it as a layer at the bottom of the hole you have created. You should place the rose in the centre of the hole and using a small piece of bamboo or a small cane place this across the hole so you can tell where the top of the hole is.

Make sure that the cultivator is below the soil level and then you can just back fill it in with the soil that you have left over from the original excavation but always do this gently making sure not to damage the roots and to ensure you have a lovely rose plant by the end of it.

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