When To Plant Vegetables

December 22, 2008 at 8:49 am

As the term vegetables is such a loose term for the huge variety on offer I will give you a rough guide as to when you should plant and where you should plant specific vegetables.

In January you sow early peas as well as broad beans in the soil, which you should protect with cloches. If you are looking to plant bulb onions they should be sown under the glass.

Plant Vegetables When To Plant Vegetables

In February you can continue to sow the early peas and broad beans and you can start to sow carrot seeds in a cold frame. Lettuces are also available to plant under glass and if you are looking to plant beetroot spinach and carrots are available to plant in the soil.

In March you can begin to plant lettuces, radishes and spring onions in the soil. You can also sow tomatoes in trays at a constant temperature of around eighteen degrees.

In April you can start to plant cucumbers and marrows as well as some main crop potatoes and onion sets.

In May, you can plant French and runner beans and also cauliflowers.

In June you can start to sow salad crops as well as leeks and celery.

In July you can continue to sow salad crops as well as Brussels sprouts and winter cabbages.

In August you can begin to sow early winter lettuces and also spring cabbages.

During the month of September you can sow broad beans and lettuces under cloches and you can also plant winter and spring lettuces.

In October you can pretty much plant the same as in September and in November you can begin with early peas and you can continue to sow broad beans.

Finally in December you can sow broad beans but make sure to protect them in cooler conditions with cloches and by that time you can just put you feet up for a well earned rest.

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