Wool Area Rug – The Why What and How

June 7, 2011 at 6:21 am

Though the modern household is generally furnished with an endless list of items that weren’t even invented fifty years ago, there are some furnishings that have very much stood the test of time. Wool area rugs are the perfect example of this. Though invented generations ago, they are still the perfect addition to the modern home. Nothing livens up a dull and drab room quite like an exotic and extravagantly colored wool area rug. And though it is within drab rooms that the greatest effect can be made, just about any room can be improved by the correct choice of woolen rug. I will now outline just why this is the case as well as just how to best decorate with these beautiful household items.

Why Wool Area Rugs Are Luxury Items

In historical cultures, wool area rugs were a form of currency and this is a pretty clear validation of the fact that they are generally considered luxury items. Considering just the aesthetic side for a moment, one of the most incredible things about wool area rugs is just how many different styles they come in. These include Oriental, Persian and Contemporary to name but a few. Then remember that though there are many wool area rugs that have been mass made by machines, there are also those that have been hand made and are hence unique. The price tags on some of the most dazzling unique woolen rugs are staggering to say the least. Aesthetics are not the only advantage however as a well made wool rug made out of high quality wool is incredibly durable and therefore incredibly long lasting. In fact if properly maintained a high quality wool rug is capable of lasting generations never mind years.

Wool Area Rug Wool Area Rug   The Why What and How

The Best Way to Decorate With Wool Area Rugs: Create Contrast

In my opinion, if wool area rugs have one special talent when it comes to decorating your home, it is their ability to create strong and eye catching contrasts between materials, styles and colors. A perfect example is how well wool area rugs go with wooden floors. Cold tile or stone flooring also make the perfect canvas for the right wool area rug. The shocking difference between the plain cold floor and the warmth and vibrancy of the rug can transform almost any room. Another strong contrast that can be experimented with is between modern and traditional. If you have a room in your house that is decked out in a particularly modern style, you would be amazed at the effect that the right traditional wool rug can have.

Why the Price of Wool Area Rugs Varies So Much

When you are purchasing a wool rug, you need to remember that the quality on offer can vary incredibly widely. The reason for this is that the quality of a wool rug depends on a lot of variables. For a start, there are over two hundred different species of sheep that the wool can be acquired from. Then even within a specific species, the texture of the fiber depends on where it is taken from, the gender of the sheep, the age and general nutritional levels of the sheep. Therefore you can understand why two rugs that are identical to each other in pattern and are both made of wool can have such drastically different price tags. Sadly, there’s no way around it, the more you pay, the better the texture of the rug that you get in return.

How to Choose a Wool Area Rug

While it is certainly one of the key advantages of wool area rugs that they come in such a variety of styles, that fact can also make it incredibly difficult to choose one. Here are two of my favorites that are currently available from Amazon.

Flokati 5′x7′ Area Rug Wool Heavy Soft Shag Carpet

This is both the perfect example of the type of rug that would go perfectly with wooden flooring and of the amazing quality that you can get even at the lower end of the three figure range. The color white will perfectly contrast your brown wooden flooring. Take a look.

Wool Area Rug 1 Wool Area Rug   The Why What and How

Home Dynamix Monaco Traditional Area Rug Red, 100% Wool

This wool rug illustrates what I meant when I said that such rugs are perfect for creating contrast with a room that has a very modern feel. It also shows that you can still get complex patterns for a minimal price. This comes in at just under two hundred dollars.

When it comes down to it however, aside from attempting to create contrast, choosing the right wool area rug is all about personal preference. My primary piece of advice is that you do not rush a purchase that is likely to last as long as your house does.

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