Zebra Print Rugs For Your Bedroom

April 20, 2011 at 4:55 am

If you fancy breathing new life into your bedroom, there are many possible choices. One of the strongest and easiest changes that you can make simply involves new bedding and rugs. While no walls need to be painted or furniture moved, you can still easily revitalize and refresh a room that has began to bore you. There are many choices when it comes to rugs and bedding but one of the most popular at the moment is simply zebra stripes.

Due to the start contrast of white and black and the irregularity of the striping any entrant into your bedroom will find their eyes immediately drawn to them. They are therefore a very easy means of completely transforming the look and mood of your bedroom. While we are after all only talking about rugs and bedding, there are still a few factors that you need to consider if you wish to truly make the most of your purchase. I will now outline them.

Zebra Print Rugs Zebra Print Rugs For Your Bedroom

Will it Work?

With any particularly striking addition to a room, you always need to ask yourself whether it will go with your existing colour scheme. White and black tend to go with just about everything but you still need to imagine it in your bedroom to really answer the question. Never purchase any bedding based solely upon how nice it looks with a catalogue or store. You wouldn’t purchase clothes without trying them on, so don’t purchase zebra rugs and bedding without at least imagining them in your individual bedroom.

Zebra Stripe or Just Stripe?

Though the traditional black and white zebra stripe is the most popular choice, you can also purchase zebra stripe rugs and bedding in a range of other colours. This is an ideal route to go down if you really like the zebra pattern but the colour scheme in your room is very much against it. One of the more popular alternatives is the gold zebra print but virtually all colours can be found. Particularly groovy looking is the purple zebra print.

Stripes Don’t Help You Sleep

Though most people purchase zebra print furnishings with aesthetics in mind, never forget that a fancy design is not going to keep you comfortable as you sleep, therefore never purchase such bedding based upon looks alone. Though you may find that as comfort levels increase so does the price, if you cannot afford comfortable zebra striped bedding, you are better off sticking with the regular variety. After all, beds are for sleeping not for admiring.

Don’t Go Overboard

Due to the striking nature of the zebra print, it can be very easy to have too much zebra within a single room. If you are choosing both zebra print rugs and bedding, you should try to purchase a small zebra print rug as opposed to one that is large enough to be considered a carpet. Another option is to mix your zebra print bedding items with black cushions or sheets. Though I am a big fan of zebra prints in the bedroom, some of the biggest interior design nightmares have been achieved by simply having too many animal prints.

Some Inspiring Choices

Provided you follow the tips outlined in this article, you should have very little difficulty in picking out some rugs and bedding that will reinvent your bedroom. In case you are still looking for some inspiration, here are my favourite zebra items that are currently available from Amazon.

The Complete Bedding Choice:

7Pcs Queen Zebra Animal Kingdom Bedding Comforter Set

Zebra Print Rugs 1 Zebra Print Rugs For Your Bedroom

This is an example of the zebra print bedding sets that are available. They are incredibly striking and as such could easily define a bedroom. They are also an example however of how you could easily go overboard by adding a matching zebra print rug.

The Realistic Rug Choice:

Animal Hide Zebra White / Black Novelty Rug – 5′ x 7′ Size: 5′ x 7′

This is an example of the animal hide replica rugs that can be purchased. Though not to everyone’s taste they are the closest that you can get to a zebra without going to the zoo. They are of course also one hundred percent artificial.

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