Zero Gravity Recliner Chair – Our Recommendation

June 2, 2011 at 11:37 am

Zero gravity recliner chairs are the very definition of sitting comfortably as they have been designed to relieve all of the pressures that standing in an upright position exerts upon our bodies. As many people have never even heard of these nifty inventions, I will start by outlining just what they are before explaining the advantages that they offer and recommending my favorite chair.

A Chair Designed By NASA?

Yes, shockingly enough the design for zero gravity recliner chairs did indeed originate in NASA. Basically when astronauts take off for destinations unknown, they are seated with their feet higher than their hearts. This “zero gravity” position greatly reduces the amount of force that is then exerted on their spine when they travel at the crazy speeds of their rocket. It turns out that this position is not only beneficial to astronauts but to those that just want to put their feet up in extreme comfort.

Gravity Recliner Chair Zero Gravity Recliner Chair   Our Recommendation

Why Zero Gravity?

Well, basically it all comes down to another pretty crazy fact. Scientists all agree that we are actually a small bit taller every morning when we wake up than we are when we go to back to sleep at night. When we are in a standing position, gravity applies pressure to our spines. In order for us to maintain balance in a standing position, our spinal muscles contract and the disks in our spine compress. This contraction and compression is why we lose a little height walking around all day. Such force is removed when we go to bed or when we sit back in a zero gravity recliner chair.

Just For People With Back Problems?

Of course decompression of the spine is a pretty wonderful thing for anyone who frequently experiences back pain however such pain relief is far from the only advantage that these chairs have. These advantages apply to all people, not just those with back problems. Sitting or reclining in the zero gravity position reduces the levels of stress and pressure on the heart. It also expands lung capacity and increases the bloods circulation and oxygen levels. Also whether you have back pain or not, reducing pressure on your spine and relieving the tension in your muscles can’t exactly be bad thing.

Factors to Consider Before Making a Purchase

If you are considering purchasing such a chair, due to the significant prices associated with them it is very important that you choose the right one. In my opinion, there are two primary means of doing so. The first is to purchase from a brand that you can trust. There are many reputable manufacturers out there so I do not recommend choosing a manufacturer that you’ve never heard of just to save a few bucks, you will end up paying for it in terms of comfort. Speaking of comfort, the second means of choosing the right recliner is to always recline before you buy. Therefore whether you purchase online or off, I strongly advise you to try out any chair that you are interested in purchasing before parting with cash. After all with some models hitting the three grand mark, kind of comfortable just isn’t going to do it.

A Recommended Recliner

One of the most popular manufacturers of zero gravity chairs are Human Touch and in my experience they seem to know what they are doing when it comes to these novel chairs. Human Touch have been developing zero gravity recliners for some time now and their products tend to be both comfortable and reliable. Out of all of their chairs, I would recommend the following as I feel that its price is very fair for the level of comfort that it offers.

Gravity Recliner Chair 1 Zero Gravity Recliner Chair   Our Recommendation

Human Touch Leather Perfect Chair Recliner Zero Anti Gravity Lounger – BLACK PC-8

Coming in at $1,300 on, it is still not exactly a cheap piece of furniture. However if you are looking for a zero gravity recliner that doesn’t come with a two grand plus price tag, this is about as cheap as you are going to get without sacrificing on quality and comfort levels. This particular model also has the advantage of being incredibly stylish which means that you can not only relax in it but look good too.

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